You can try again until you succeed

What does Neville Goddard believe about God? Well, this man does not believe in a God who interferes in the lives of humans. He doesn’t believe that this God can answer our prayers or forgive us for what we have done. He thinks that every human being has the power to create or destroy himself and the world. He believes that it is his own thoughts and actions which determine his fate.

He has written a book called ‘The Universe and the Atom’. He believes that the only reality is energy and thought. There are no physical objects which we can Neville Goddard PDF perceive, touch or see. Everything is composed of energy. He calls energy the primary element. He believes that the atoms were created from space, and that they are a combination of energy and nothing else.

According to this author, the universe is the product of an infinite number of conscious and unconscious minds, all working together to create our reality. He says that when we think of ourselves, we are actually thinking about the universe, not about a single person.

Our thoughts and our consciousness determine our destiny and our existence. According to Neville Goddard, our brain is the master organ that controls our life force. Thoughts cause chemical changes in the body, which produce emotions.

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