WTF! This man claims he has 13 wives and all are pregnant at the same time!

The image is being shared on all social media channels with everyone expressing either awe, delight or disgust over the image and the man.

Yes, there are times when the completely bizarre and insane news headline hits us and we’re left wondering WTF! This image, which is apparently of a man in Nigeria (but it is highly doubtful) has been doing rounds on social media and is having everyone go gaga over it. The image is simple and shows a man standing in the middle flanked on both sides by heavily pregnant ladies. The image is being shared on all social media channels with everyone expressing either awe, delight or disgust over the image and the man. The reason? Well, apparently, the man is married to all those 13 women and they are all having his baby at the same time! That’s an amazing level of polygamy and coordinated births!

According to the post being shared, the man married the 13 women and all are friends with each other. The women are extremely comfortable together and “share” their husband in peace. There’s no ill-will or bad blood between them. Also, all the women are pregnant at the same time! But naturally, the stages of their pregnancy are different and all the women combined are in different stages with there being a difference of 3-5 weeks between their pregnancies. However, for the man, the moment is extremely precious and happy and as it looks for the wives from the picture seen. Also, according to the news being circulated, the law of the country they reside in (said to be Nigeria) allows the custom.

However, if you’re awed or surprised reading this piece of news, we would advise you to take it with dollops of salt. There’s no original source provided for the image and it seems to be more or less one of the crazy online pranks or shares that go viral for no reason. The first reason to doubt it is that Nigerian law does not support polygamy. Although rampant as a practice, it is forbidden by law and is a crime. The second reason this is untrue is that this looks more of a pregnancy photo-shoot looking at the background. Although the room is a studio, the heavy equipment, the similar way in which the women are dressed and their make-up all suggests a photo shoot! So then – real or a photo-shoot gone mad? You decide!

This might not be real but then, there are cases of polygamy in the world that are surprising! In India itself, we have men with multiple wives – and why, the world record for the largest family is held by a man from Mizoram India and he has 39 wives! We in India even have a village where only twins are born! Such wonders aren’t exactly surprising. In lesbian couples, there are times when both the women are pregnant at the same time and have sort of twin babies. However, this record of impregnating all his wives at the same time seems to be new and completely unique! All we can say is, all the best with the poop-cleaning and the post-partum blues for the daddy dearest!

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