Woman Gave Birth To Baby Elephant

No one could believe at first but miracles can happen at any time and anywhere and the same way this is what has happened in Norway after a Norwegian couple recently gave birth to a half-human/half-elephant hybrid that many Hindu practitioners believe to be the reincarnation of the popular deity Ganesha.Ganesha is commonly depicted as a man with several limbs and the head of an elephant.

As like Ganesha, the baby also has limbs like the Elephant head and other features as well. Therefore, the parents of the kid were shocked when they saw the baby but sooner they couldn’t stopped this and the picture of the baby got leaked to the Indian Media as previously they decided to hide their kid from the rest of the world.

As the picture been exposed to the Indian media then the couple find that Indian people really liked the baby boy and they been to rumors that people are worshipping their kid as they worship their Indian God Ganesha. Well, this is how they started feeling like celebrity in the country India. This is a miracle as the gene of a human mixed with the gene of an elephant, who knows what the world will get us. This is what seeming very hard to the couple to deal with as they are worried and sometimes frustrated they have to be positive and keep themselves calm to handle the situation. We all Indian people wish the kid Good Luck as he got the glimpse of the Lord.

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