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Why Udyam Registration Portal is a Game Changer for MSMEs in India?

Learn how Udyam Registration Portal is revolutionising the way MSMEs work in India. Find out what its benefits are and how it can help your business grow. 

With the change in the criteria of the new MPMI regime, as of July 1, 2020, every newly registered person only has to register in the new regime. It is therefore specified that the old criteria for new registrations have become superfluous. 

Former subscribers registered in  the  EM II or UAM system may apply for a new registration any time after July 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021, which has been extended to March 30.06.2022 from a series of reports. If they do not enrol by March 31, 2022, the benefits that were available under their MSME Udyam Registration Portal will be permanently suspended/revoked. 

As far as I know, the MSME sector is responsible for around 30%  of the country’s GDP. With the latest amendments, the definition of the term “business” has been expanded; As the enrollment criteria have been modified by increasing overall trade and investment limits, the message stands out and positively indicates that the sovereign intends and believes in increasing.

The MSME sector’s contribution  to the country’s GDP.This growth is catalysed by key initiatives such as the introduction of tax incentives, financial incentives, tough legislation, robust control regimes, direct transfer payments, public-private partnerships, SME directories, online e-commerce platforms, trade concessions, border trade benefits, mandatory all PSUs , issue MPMI papers within 45 days, etc.  means an industrial  or commercial enterprise or  other entity, however named, engaged in the manufacture or production of goods relating in any way to an industry, such as as defined in  Schedule 1 to the Trades Act 1951 (Development and Regulation)  (55 of 1951), or involved in the supply or performance of services or services. Udyam Registration www.udyamregisteration.org 

Definition and Criteria of MSME Udyam Registration Portal

MSME Udyam Registration Portal Revised Classification Focus: Investment & RPM Rating Micro Small Medium Production & Investment Services  < case1 crore & Turnover, Rs. 5 million Investment < Rs. 10 Crores & Turnover, Rs. 50 crores.investment < Rs. 50 Crores & Turnover, 250 crore rupees. Higher multiplier – the reclassification would only apply from the following financial year Basis 10 times.

The previous classification 5 times the previous classification cases of increase, notice no. S 0 4926 (E) of 18.10.2022 – Clarification on maintaining benefits in  case of an MSME upgrade in terms of investment in machinery and equipment or equipment or turnover or  consequent reclassification, the company continues to benefit from all non-tax benefits of the category ( micro, small or medium), in which it was  before the reclassification.

Purpose and specificity of Udyam Registrartion portal under the new MSME  

CHAMPIONS program: Creation and smooth application of modern processes to increase efficiency and national power 

It was considered necessary to create a unified, robust, robust, interconnected platform and a Introduce and promote technology-based module for supporting and promoting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Udyam Registration in the country. As the name suggests, it will aim to create and harmoniously apply modern processes to increase production and national strength. Therefore the system name is CHAMPIONS. 

 It’s essentially about making little people big by helping and holding hands.

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 The three basic purposes of MASTERS 

  1. To help  MSMEs in this difficult situation in terms of finance, raw materials, labour, permits, etc. 
  2. Helping MSMEs to seize new opportunities including manufacturing of medical supplies & Accesories. 
  3. Detect sparks, e.g.H. brilliant MSMEs that can currently assert themselves and become national and international champions. 


The Udyam registration portal has changed the game for MSMEs in India. It has streamlined the registration process and made it easier for companies to register and take advantage of the various benefits offered by the government. The portal has helped streamline this process and make it more transparent and efficient. It also provides businesses with a platform to showcase their products and services and helps them reach more audience segments. The registration portal Udyam gives MSMEs in India better chances of development and success in their industries. If you are an MPMI holder in India, do not miss this opportunity to register your company and avail the benefits offered by the government.

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