Where to Turn for Painting Repair in London

There are few things that any serious art enthusiast dreads more than damage to an expensive and treasured part of a collection. Thankfully, painting repair in London is available from a range of experienced art restorers and conservators. Perhaps the most celebrated provider of these services is the Simon Gillespie Gallery, found on New Bond Street.

Painting repair in London takes many forms. If you are concerned by the condition of your art, make an appointment with the Simon Gillespie team or simply drop in – you will always receive a warm welcome from these industry experts. Some of the services provided by these masters of painting repair in London include:

  • Cleaning stains caused by spillages or inappropriate treatment.
  • Reaffixing flaking paint that has risen from a surface.
  • Reapplying varnish where applicable.
  • Restoring smudged or faded watercolours to their former lustre.
  • Repairing holes and tears in a canvas, or rectifying damage to a canvas.

Any painting repair in London will begin with a full consultation. If you bring your art to the Simon Gillespie Gallery, a dedicated and qualified art restorer will review the condition of the work and discuss what you are looking to achieve from the repair process. Rest assured that there are no wrong answers here. The team will work according to your wishes.

Once this consultation is complete, a full and forensic examination of the painting will be undertaken. While the eye test remains all important, with a specialist in painting restoration having exemplary attention to detail, the industry has also embraced technology to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Before work begins on your painting repair, you will be advised what will likely be involved. There are two primary purposes for this. The first and most important is ensuring that you will be wholly satisfied with the outcome, and that any expectations in terms of timescale are managed. Naturally, the full cost will also be discussed at this stage, but any art collector will surely agree that applying a price tag to the beauty of art is impossible.

As masters in painting repair in London, the Simon Gillespie Gallery has a lengthy list of satisfied customers that are delighted with the service. Once you receive your fully restored artwork, you will also be furnished with advice and suggestions on maintaining the pristine condition that your painting will enjoy thanks to the careful handling of this team of celebrated professional art restorers.

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