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What is an example of travel & tourism?

Travel and tourism includes services related to traveling such as finding the cheapest flights, choosing an airline and booking a trip. It includes accommodations, dining, entertainment and activities. It also includes services for visitors to a destination like airport shuttles, guides and souvenirs. Travel and tourism includes any activity associated with traveling.

For example, it includes activities such as hiking, sightseeing, exploring, shopping, visiting museums, swimming and other things. Tourism and travel also include Travel & Tourism activities which are not directly associated with traveling but rather involve tourism destinations such as camping, picnics and other activities involving visiting a tourist destination.

What is an example of travel and tourism?

An example of travel and tourism is when someone travels to another place for vacation or on business. Traveling may mean going to visit relatives, vacationing or for business. Businesses may organize trips for their employees, companies may organize tours and activities for their clients, and individuals may travel solo or in groups for vacations or business. Some businesses may also offer their products or services to customers who are planning to travel. Tourism means traveling for vacation or to experience something special. Some people travel for holidays or other personal reasons while others travel for business reasons. Tourism means traveling for pleasure.

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