Tiny 5’2″ mother of six children reveals the mystery behind

Jenny Masche, former star of the series “Raising Sextuplets,” tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Levi McClendon earlier this month. Both Masche and McClendon had been separated from previous spouses and decided to marry as soon as they were both officially divorced.

“I was officially divorced on March 2, and that day I wrote, ‘Will you marry me?’ with a big smiley face in our journal,” McClendon tells people.com. “She didn’t get it until two days later when we were going out to breakfast and she wrote, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ It was really cute.”

It wasn’t a lavish affair for the couple, but Masche says it was a meaningful one surrounded by all eight of their kids:

“We stopped at the store and bought flowers and the kids and I made an aisle in the sand. We had iPod speakers and played ‘Marry Me’ by Train, and the six kids and I walked down the aisle,” explains Masche.

“Everything was perfect,” she adds. “It’s awesome to get to be with the person you really feel like God created for you.”

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