This Is Real: Meet A Lady Who Has Been Pregnant For 5 Years

Many don’t believe that these things are happening for real, some thinks it’s fake but this mystery is for real.
Doctors don’t have a remedy till now, they say it can be caused by a disease that has caused her stomach to grow abnormally large.

Her husband said that he has been nursing her stomach for several years.
He also said he tried to take her to many hospitals but due to the fees, he couldn’t help but to just keep her at home and try to find a solution.

Jane tried sharing her feelings and said
“I don’t have any option than to seat down all day and do nothing. The pain is unbearable, I don’t understand what happen but the only thing I know is that I’m in pain and I need help”
Doctors suggest they conduct a medical test for her then later on if a surgery is necessary, a surgery will also be conducted.

Fear struck in Jane’s eyes, she was scared but she had no choice but to undergo the medical test.

Her husband reassured her that he would stay by her side and never leave her.
Jane had given birth before, even her children were not happy about what happened to their mother.

This disease has become a great mystery and it’s up to the doctors to look for a cure.

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