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These are what more real baby bumps look like

No two pregnant bellies are the same, but the one thing most women seem to have in common is that there are plenty of people willing to comment on their growing forms. We request pictures of your belly to show the world how pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes. We showed you our first batch of amazing baby bumps last week, but many of you responded that we had to post a second batch. Is yours on the list?

This display of belly pride is a positive way to respond to the shaming of Gold Coast midwife and fitness fanatic Hannah Polites, who posted a baby bump photo and was met with a deluge of abusive comments.

Nearly 500 of our amazing Babyology readers shared with us their pregnant belly pictures of hers and the surprising, sweet, and sometimes quite rude comments that brought out her baby bump.

Sinead Mulcahy Cotter, 18 weeks
“I showed that very early (there’s also a lot of swelling, I’m bigger towards the end of the day).”

Sinead Mulcahy Cotter

Ashley Wright, 20 weeks
“People were asking where I was!! Under the clothes, my tummy was barely visible and it wasn’t until I was six months old that people noticed. I only had smiles and lovely comments when my baby bump appeared. My little girl was healthy and so was I, that’s all that mattered to me.”

Chatham, 20 weeks
“You don’t look like you’re pregnant. You should eat more. Your baby will be small.

Michelle Marchewka, 24 weeks
“Are you sure you haven’t eaten too much? Where is the baby? You are so small!

Emilie Westerman, 25 weeks
“People constantly ask me if I’m pregnant with twins. When I tell them I’m only pregnant with one, they often reply, ‘Are you sure?’ You are huge!’ Yes, I am sure… I have had multiple scans. Then they still look at me like I’m trying to trick them. Even complete strangers!

Skye Renfors, 25 weeks
“Mostly, ‘God, you’re ALL babies!’ and ‘Are you sure there’s only one in there?’, which is just as painful as ‘too small!’ You must be ready to explode!’ from 20 weeks.”

Kayla Wilcox, 27 weeks
“Everyone said it was too small. Which should be much bigger than it was. My son came out bigger than normal!”

Tanya Johnson, 28 weeks
“People say I’m huge and it looks like I’m ready to explode. It’s so overwhelming when that’s all you hear, it’s like you’re doing something wrong because you’re carrying more weight than other people. All you can do is laugh and thank them like it’s a compliment.”

Julie Rowe, 32 weeks
“I was sticking out my stomach to make myself look bigger for this photo (haha!) but my measurement was petite all the time; You couldn’t tell from behind that I was pregnant and my OB repeatedly requested growth scans over the past two months as I physically measured small. She was 24 weeks at the time, although she was actually 32 weeks pregnant. I gave birth at 39 weeks and to her surprise, I weighed over 8 pounds and was 20 inches tall!

Miranda Hausman, 32 weeks
“When people asked me how far along I was, they were always surprised when I told them. When someone asked me when I was due a week before my due date, they said, ‘My God, are you serious?’

Miranda Hausman
Ashleigh Ritchie, 33 weeks
“They told me I was too small! I’m a small person anyway, but as far along as I was, apparently I wasn’t big enough… My baby boy was born two weeks later, small but perfectly healthy!!

Ashleigh Ritchie

Katie Elfar, 33 weeks
“I was only 25 at the time, so I had no friends to compare my belly to, but my OB and lots of strangers were always commenting on how tiny she was. I even took my size 8 jeans to the hospital to give birth! Now I look at those photos and laugh at how small she was.

Janine Smith

Elana Mullaly, 35 weeks
“People would love to tell me how big my baby was going to be. She measured in the 50th percentile my entire pregnancy and was born a nice 3.33kg.”

Elana Mullaly
Natassia Latrou, 36 weeks
“Some people would say that I was too big and others would say ‘wow, you look fantastic.’ Healthy!’ Compared to my first pregnancy, it was huge.”

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