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When I moved to Michigan, Ashley was one of the first people who reached out to connect with me. In 2018, Ashley came to my house to do a photo shoot with her oldest daughter. At the time, she was breastfeeding her first baby and Ashley was pregnant with her second baby.

In 2020, she hired me for the birth of her third child. At about 20 weeks pregnant, I received a text from Ashley that said, “Hi Jenn! I’m having twins!!! Just updating you on that. Looks like the babies are taking the right steps!” There might have been some emojis in there too 😉 What a surprise!!!

After much thought, Ashley decided to go ahead with her home birth. Her babies were in 2 different sacs, but they shared 1 placenta. She was carefully monitored throughout her pregnancy and when August came around, we all thought THIS was the month she would have those babies… So when September 1st came and went and she was approaching 41 weeks pregnant, we were all shocked. Ashley had contractions on and off for weeks (prodromal labor) and was ready to give birth at any moment.

At 41 weeks the midwife came to check her, she had slight contractions and she was 7cm dilated. She had a feeling that these babies would be born the next day, and she drove an hour and a half to her house. THANK GOD I DID IT!

When I arrived around 6pm, Ashley was smiling and talking, using the breast pump and having constant contractions. She had some that were intense, and that was all she needed to know that things were going to start soon! Her family was finishing dinner and the sun was beginning to set over the countryside. It was a perfect summer night. She continued to have contractions, some were mild, and she had to stop and concentrate on some of them. I remember thinking, “maybe we’ll have babies by midnight,” but I didn’t know what was about to happen…

Ashley came into her bedroom and her daughter wanted to breastfeed. As they lay together in bed, I could see Ashley’s belly tighten and she grimaced. Things were getting more intense. Ashley’s dear friend Jess was there to watch the girls during labor and birth. Jess took the girls outside to play. Her husband was helping the midwives blow up the birthing pool and I was in the bedroom with Ashley.

She got up, walked around and went to the bathroom. Things got intense quickly. After a minute, she had a contraction and started pushing. I said “do you feel pushy?” She nodded. I ran into the other room to tell the midwives and came back in. A few seconds later, Baby A was born. After an extremely hasty birth and weeks of prodromal labor, one of the babies was here. Ashley gave birth, standing in the doorway of her bedroom/bathroom, and baby A was a girl. Wow!

We were all surprised that things happened so quickly, but Ashley might have been the most surprised. She was smiling and laughing, not believing that that had just happened. Her understanding husband, Jake, was there to help catch the baby and support Ashley. He continued to speak positive and encouraging words throughout the birth and was a wonderful support to her, as you can see in the photos below.

After a few minutes, we got Ashley to sit on the bed with her baby. The baby had a short cord and they wanted to keep it intact, if possible. She started having contractions again and I could see her close her eyes and enter the birth zone. Between contractions, I could look at her daughter and hug her. I remember thinking what a unique time to have given birth and be holding your baby, only to do it again!

The midwives continued to check on Baby B and everything was great! The baby was head down (they have a portable ultrasound machine) and Ashley could feel the baby going down. After about 30 minutes and some pushing, Baby B was born into the waiting hands of his father. Baby B was a little boy! After 3 girls, a son.

The midwives helped Ashley to bed and continued to observe her, give her fluids, and monitor her. She was processing what had just happened! It was fast, super fast! 41 week old twins, born at home, after weeks of prodromal labor and about 20 minutes of active labor.

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