She had albino twins with snow-white hair. Take a look at how they’ve changed…

Every youngster is special in their own way. However, there are some children whose birth is deemed such a rare phenomena that journalists all over the world are glued to it.

So it was with Catalina and Virginia, the Argentine twin girls. The babies were born into a normal family, but their pictures quickly became famous on the Internet.

Jorge Gomez and his wife were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the girls. They adored their son, but they wished for the family to grow even larger.

That is why, when the couple found out they were expecting twins, they were overjoyed. However, the parents had no idea how odd their newborns would be.

Their parents were blown away by their unique offspring. At 36 weeks, the twins were born prematurely.

Despite this, the babies were healthy and weighed a regular amount. However, it was instantly apparent that very odd children had been born!

They instantly drew the attention of the Argentine hospital’s doctors. Photos of infants have gone viral all around the world!

Catalina and Virginia happen to be albino twins! They have incredibly light complexion and white hair.

Given that the girls’ parents are both very dark-skinned Argentines, such a contrast is quite stunning!

Despite the fact that the babies are nothing like Jorge and his wife, they wholeheartedly accepted their children’s quirks.

’We consider this a blessing,’ the parents remark. Albinism is an uncommon hereditary disorder that affects approximately one in every 20,000 children.

Surprisingly, this figure varies by race. So, one in every 3,000 African infants is an albino. Europeans have the fewest such offspring.

Both parents must have this gene in order for an albino child to be born. That is why the phenomenon is so unusual and one-of-a-kind.

Even more astonishing, not one, but two albino children were born in an Argentine household! However, this has an impact on more than just the baby’s appearance.

Albinos frequently have weak eyesight, frail bones, and a sensitivity to sunshine.

Children with unusual white hair and skin are frequently mocked.

And Catalina and Virginia had no reason to be upset about her absence! The media throughout the world was riveted to the strange girls as soon as they were born.

But the babies were quickly forgotten. The twins are now four years old and appear to be in good condition.

Relatives of the sisters recently shared images of joyful babies wearing outfits custom-made by a family friend.

Catalina and Virginia share the same snow-white hair and porcelain skin. One of the babies is wearing orange glasses that shield her eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

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