See the ‘pig-human baby’ hoax that Damon believed was true

Now Digital’s images and videos of a ‘human-pig baby’ went viral on the internet as many claimed the creature was born after a man had sex with a pig and got her pregnant. The truth, however, is far from it.

The fake news phenomenon has spread its tentacles from Facebook groups dedicated to meddling in US elections to malicious WhatsApp rumors that sparked lynchings in India. Numerous efforts have been launched globally to clamp down on such content, but the problem is far from being eliminated in the near future. Recently, photos and videos of a “human-pig baby” went viral on the internet with the “news” of a pig in Kenya and then India giving birth to a human baby.

It was widely circulated and many claimed that the creature died shortly after birth. There were others who claimed it was an “act of God” after a man impregnated a pig.

Details about the creature differed from publication to publication, but the images and photographs remain the same. The video showed a pig-like creature moving its limbs. Users and social media groups hungry for engagement began circulating the images and video with colorful captions. “A sow yesterday gave birth to a baby with mixed male/pig characteristics in Siddipet district,” one Twitter user posted.

“SHOCKING!! A pig gives birth to a human-like baby. However, the pig died immediately after delivery,” a Facebook page stated.

A popular website ‘smhoaxslayer’ dedicated to fighting fake news has revealed the true nature of the ‘human-pig baby’. The website revealed that the creature was not born from “sex between a man and a sow”, but was instead a model made of silicone and rubber by Italian artist Laira Maganuco.

Maganuco originally posted the images of her to her Etsy shop and the video was picked up from her Instagram account.

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