Quick Bites To Make When You Are Super Hungry

Everyone has busy schedules, but that should not affect your food pattern. Eat well and at the necessary time, eat more to stay healthy. There are sometimes when you don’t have much time to prepare food. For those exact times, we have a few ideas. Whether it is morning or night, you can eat these dishes by cooking them faster than you think. Such fast consumable dishes are called quick bites. So, grab a quick bite for yourself by preparing it just within seconds. Make sure to pre-shop for all your random cravings hour with online store discounts like the Carrefour promo code today!

Stuffed Sandwiches

The first dish for a quick bite is, no doubt, sandwiches. It is one of the foods that people love around the world. Fill it with your favourite filling and toast it before serving. As per food lovers, the best sandwiches include potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and chicken. You can use a toaster or toss it on a pan to make it crunch and crispy. The best sandwiches even include sides which mostly people cut out. Make the stuffing with veggies you like, mash them in the potatoes and add an egg at the end if needed. There are so many ways to make the sandwiches. But at the end, get some potato chips to enjoy a full-course snack. 

Classic Ramen

A cup of noodles is always the saviour. At the moments when you don’t know what to cook, and you are super hungry, boil a pot of water for cup noodles. Even people who can’t cook can prepare these meals for themselves as it barely takes a few minutes. Take out the spice and ingredient packets from the pack. Add water to the noodles and garnish them with sauces or spices. At the end, close the lid of the cup for at least 5 to 10 minutes. That’s all. Now your last-minute hunger will be satisfied. 

Chicken Nuggets

Keep a pack of frozen chicken nuggets in your house. This is no wonder a top choice for every hungry soul. Several brands offer this great frozen food because they are easy to prepare. Take a pan and let it heat for a bit. After that, pour in some cooking oil and heat that up too. Then slowly put in the chicken nuggets. A suggestion is to take it out of the freezer before cooking it in oil and let it set at room temperature. This will fasten the process of frying the nuggets. When it looks crispy golden brown then, turn off the heat, and it’s ready to eat. You can choose mayonnaise and other sauces as condiments for your delicacy. 

Fries & Chips

Similar to the chicken nuggets, we have fries. This is an amazing go-to dish for everyone. There are frozen food packets available for this as well as you can make these yourself. The frozen fries need to be put in hot oil, and they will be cooked. As an alternative, you have to peel the potatoes and chop them into tender slices. After that, cover them with some salt and cornflower and marinate them properly. Then heat the oil, pour this in, and let it cook until the fries are soft and yellow. That’s all your fries are ready, and you can enjoy a great food time. Garnish it with paprika or oregano, and choose tomato ketchup to dip it in. 

Mac In Cheese

The next is the favourite mac in cheese. This is a classic dish which people have learnt from the American culture. This is a fast-preparing food that just needs a microwave for the packaged version. Put it in the microwave, heat it for a few minutes, and it’s done. The ones who want a more homely taste can get some macaroon pasta to boil it. Next, they have to put in a good amount of cheese that is almost equivalent to the pasta. Put salt and any other topping, then stir it well. After all this, your mac in cheese will be super ready. This barely takes some time and is a perfect fast snack.

Nachos & Salsa

The last dish is nachos and dip. Well, mostly, there are food pack which consists of both of them. Go to the supermarket and get these to fill your tummies. Or go all out and prepare it yourself. If not the nachos, then at least make the side dish. Some people mix mayonnaise along with chillies to create a good dip, or a few people go with mustard. You can be more innovative and create salsa. This is a mixture of tomatoes, onions, chillies and a few sauces. It goes so well with nachos that you wouldn’t like it otherwise. The boring nachos can be fun now if you try them out.

Good Foody Ending

In conclusion, all the preparation are amazing. It just depends on you and your tastebuds on what you like. Remember to order these online rather than depending on local supermarkets for the best prices. Also, one can accumulate greater discounts using departmental store codes such as Carrefour discount code KSA for fresh foods at the lowest rates.

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