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Python Snaks Swilling Pet Cat At Home

A reticulated python has swallowed a cat that was roaming the condominium complex of its owner’s house in Tanah Merah.

Teacher Angel Low, 28, feared the worst when her cat Ben failed to return home Monday night after learning that a reticulated python with a bulging belly had been captured earlier that day.

“Ben usually comes back when my mom calls him. We suspected something was wrong when we saw the python’s belly on a video shared by other residents and immediately contacted the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres), who had removed the snake. said Mrs. Low.

Her three-year-old tabby cat weighed about 13 pounds, she said.

To her family’s horror, they learned the next day that the python had vomited up the carcass of their pet while they were transporting the reptile to the Singapore Zoo.

But it was already too late to retrieve the corpse, which was thrown away by the staff.

“I wish they had been a little more sensitive in addressing the issue…especially when my cat was on a collar,” said Low, who said staff could have taken the trouble to find out if the cat belonged to someone.

In response to inquiries from The Straits Times, Mandai Wildlife Group and Acres said the python was taken to the group’s animal hospital, which is the central processing point for all rescued pythons in Singapore.

On the way to the hospital, the snake regurgitated the cat, and when it was scanned at the hospital, the carcass did not have any microchips to indicate its origin, they said.

“Acres called the security officer to provide an update and was informed that no report of a missing cat had been filed as of then. After a discussion between the two organizations, the body was carefully disposed of, in accordance with the zoo’s standard biosafety protocols.”

Following the incident, Mandai Wildlife Group’s veterinary department is reviewing its processes for temporarily holding dead domestic animals brought to the hospital, they said.

This was the first time Low and her family, who live in a three-story home, had seen a snake at D’Manor since moving to the estate more than 10 years ago.

Ms. Low said she was surprised to see one, since the condo is not near any natural areas.

“My mom is devastated because she was very close with Ben, who we’ve had since she was a week old. He was a very sweet cat who didn’t hurt anyone and would cuddle up to us when we were upset.”

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