Pet Dog Sacrifices Itself to Save Owner

It was only 13 months ago that Sumiti Devendra, 26, gave shelter to a stray pup. He was left at her doorstep by some neighborhood children. At that time, she was feeling lonely and sad, since her mother had passed away suddenly, leaving her devastated. So, she adopted the pup and named him, Lucky. She nurtured him into a young adult and he turned out to be most loyal and loving creature.

That Lucky would prove ‘lucky’ for Sumiti and save her life, she never ever believed in her wildest dreams. That’s exactly what happened. It was the night of April 9, when Sumiti heard someone arguing outside her house. She stepped out to enquire and saw her neighbor, Venkatesh Devendra, locked in an intense argument with Jyoti, his girlfriend, and her sister, Rosy.

The argument between Venkatesh and Jyoti soon got out of hand and he left in a huff only to return with a knife. Seeing this, both Rosy and Sumiti, who were still there, ran for their lives. As Sumiti rushed into her house, she saw Venkatesh following her brandishing the knife. A brief scuffle ensued. Before the intruder could harm Sumiti, Lucky, unmindful of his own safety, pounced on the intruder with bared fangs.

Taken totally by surprise, Venkatesh slashed at the charging Lucky. But, the dog kept up the attack, which gave Sumiti a chance to save herself. When Sumiti started shouting for help, Venkatesh fled the scene without harming her. Sumiti found a profusely bleeding Lucky lying on the floor. The knife had fatally injured the dog and he breathed his last.

A heartbroken Sumiti said, “… I named him Lucky as he was indeed very lucky for us. I have lost a family member … He was everything to me.” The dog indeed gave supreme sacrifice to save his owner from harm.

Later, the police managed to catch Venkatesh and arrested him. The law is taking its own course in the matter.

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