O que se faz na arquitetura?

Arquitetura (in English, “architecture”) is the art of designing, building, and planning buildings, homes, roads, parks, and other public works. Architects have a strong influence on society and the environment. They design everything from the size of houses to the layout of cities.

In general, architects are responsible for deciding which building materials and architectural styles are used, what colors, textures, and finishes are chosen, how big the project should be, and how it should look. They must make sure that the building meets the needs of the owner, the community, and the environment. They must also plan for earthquakes, fire, and other hazards that are common problems in certain places.

A typical architect’s office includes draftsmen, arquitetura carpenters, and other workers. Architects’ offices are usually located with those of engineers, structural and mechanical engineers, and landscape architects, among others. An architect’s office typically has large, open rooms, filled with drafting tables, drawing boards, computers, and other design tools.

The profession of architecture is organized into a hierarchical structure. There are four basic educational requirements for becoming an architect:A bachelor’s degree in architecture or another field that combines academic knowledge with practical experien

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