Mystery ‘fish’ on Karachi beach is a bad omen, say locals

KARACHI: A mysterious ‘fish’ was found on Clifton beach on Monday, drawing hundreds of eager onlookers.

The dead fish-like creature was found early in the morning during a low tide by locals, who alerted local police due to the strange nature of the carcass.

Security officers cordoned off the area, but a large crowd gathered to view the fish, creating a carnival atmosphere on the beach.

“This fish is amazing. It has no face… where does it eat from?” asked Allah Ditta, a local resident.

Others saw the four-eyed fish creature as a bad omen for the city, or perhaps for Pakistan. Some citizens said that the fish was a sign that the upcoming elections would be delayed or that massive tampering would take place, at least in the place where the fish creature was found.

The former head of the Ministry of Local Fisheries and Aquatic Exploration, Azaad Muqam, said the fish was likely the result of a mutation. He dismissed all rumors that the fish creature was a bad omen.

“A fish with four eyes and no mouth will not affect the election…we are working hard to achieve free and fair elections and, if anything, the extra eyes should be seen as a sign of greater scrutiny and transparency at the polls.” Muqam said at a press conference.

Local media are reporting that the carcass of the fish is likely to be on display for the rest of the day as huge crowds have gathered to view the new local attraction. It is also reported that the fish creature can be kept and displayed alongside the whale shark carcass at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

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