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My First Board Fun 2-In-1 Doodle Board

The Best Art Sets For Kids: Our Top Picks For Creative Fun

Drawing toys are a great way to encourage children’s creativity and develop their artistic skills. With so many options available in toy stores, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the right one. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of the drawing toys for kids available at toy stores.

My First Board Fun 2-In-1 Doodle Board:

Children aged three and above are untidy animals that like creating and trying out new experiences. When they locate a pencil in any drawer, they immediately start drawing on the walls and bedsheets. 

My First Board Fun 2 In 1 Doodle Board is an excellent way to preserve stuff while also improving your children’s sketching ability. The children’s art sets contain sketching and erasing functions, so your children may let their creativity run wild and then erase it to make room for new ideas. 

You may give this non-toxic sketch board to both your child and the child of a friend.

Crayola 144 Assorted Supertips Classpack:

Supertips are perfect for little details in art projects, schoolwork, and other assignments available at toy store. Crayola marker pens offer crush-resistant nibs and easy-to-hold barrels and are engineered to provide smooth, vivid colour laydown.

 The inks wash away easily from skin and clothing, and each marker pen can draw for over 600 feet! Also, if the cap is left off, Crayola markers may be resurrected by simply soaking the tip in water.

Nerf Minecraft Pillagers Crossbow:

Nerf and Minecraft come together to produce unique blasters for your Nerf matches! The Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow is based on the popular game Minecraft. Take on targets with this dart-blasting crossbow and get in on the action.

 Draw back the crossbow’s string using the priming lever, then push the button to fire one dart. 

In drawing toys, the crossbow includes three front-loading barrels, allowing you to fire three darts in quick succession. The Nerf Minecraft crossbow comes with three Authentic Nerf Elite foam darts that have been tested and approved for performance and quality. 

They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor Nerf combat. Eye protection is advised.

Magnetic Learning Case:

We all know how much youngsters despise studying when on a picnic. This children’s drawing set will undoubtedly assist your child in learning new things while on the road. The gadget includes magnetic alphabets and numerals, as well as a sleek pen. 

Your youngsters may improve their writing abilities with this traditional multi-function learning case.

Benefits Of Playing With Art Sets For Kids:

Playing with art sets for kids can have numerous benefits for kids, including promoting creativity, improving fine motor skills, and fostering emotional development. Let us explore the benefits of playing with art sets for kids in more detail.

Enhances Creativity:

 Children drawing sets provide an excellent opportunity for kids to explore their imagination and creativity. By using different art materials, such as paints, markers, and crayons, kids can express themselves in various ways and create unique artwork that reflects their personalities and perspective.

Improves Fine Motor Skills:

Children’s art sets also help kids develop fine motor skills, which are essential for performing tasks such as writing, buttoning clothes, and tying shoelaces. The use of art materials such as paintbrushes, scissors, and pencils requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are strengthened through regular practice.

Fosters’ Emotional Development: 

Playing with children drawing sets can also help kids develop emotionally. Creating art by art sets for kids can be a therapeutic and calming experience, allowing kids to express their emotions and work through difficult feelings in a non-verbal way.

 Additionally, seeing their artwork displayed or receiving positive feedback from others can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Encourages Problem-Solving: 

Art sets for kids also encourage problem-solving skills in kids. When creating art, they often encounter challenges, such as choosing the right colours or figuring out how to make their vision come to life. 

By experimenting with different techniques and materials, they learn to overcome obstacles and find solutions to problems.

Promotes Cognitive Development: 

Lastly, playing with a drawing set for kids can promote cognitive development in kids. Creating art requires planning, decision-making, and critical thinking skills, which all contribute to cognitive development. 

Additionally, exploring different colours, shapes, and textures can help kids develop their visual-spatial skills, which are important for tasks such as reading, writing, and math.


 In conclusion, playing with art sets for kids offers numerous benefits for kids, from promoting creativity and improving fine motor skills to fostering emotional and cognitive development. By encouraging kids to explore their imagination and express themselves through art, we can help them develop important life skills that will benefit them in various areas of their lives.

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