Mum pregnant with quadruplets says she has to paint their toenails to tell them apart

A couple who wanted to add one final baby to their family ended up welcoming quadruplets – and they have to paint their toe nails to tell them apart.

Gaby Hagler, 40, and husband, Patrick, 50, from Texas, were over the moon when they found out they were expecting last year.

The couple each have a child from previous relationships, and also have a two-year-old toddler, Sammy, together.

Hoping to add a fourth and final baby to their family, the pair were gobsmacked when their sonographer revealed they were expecting naturally conceived quadruplets at their 12-week scan.

Fast forward to 34 weeks and Gaby gave birth to Adam, 4 lbs 8oz, Bennett, 4lbs 7oz, Coby, 4lbs and Dane, 4lbs 1oz, via a planned caesarean section.

“I get the quads confused sometimes because Bennett and Coby look pretty identical – I have to paint one of their toenails so I can tell them apart,” says Gaby.

“Bennett has a green toenail and Coby has a white toenail. We have colours for Adam and Dane too but as they’ve got older, they are easier to tell them apart.”

With so many new babies in the house, the family get through 47 nappies, 32 bottles, a packet and a half of wipes, and three loads of baby laundry every day.

“With four babies it’s been a complete restructuring of everything,” Patrick adds.

“We’re trying to fit our existing life in with these new babies, but it’s been an honour and a joy so far.”

Due to the multiple pregnancy, Gaby was carefully monitored due to being classed as high risk.

“I was so tired I would have to stop while driving just down the road,” she adds.

“I was determined to get the babies to 4lbs, so I made sure I was having enough calories to achieve that.

“By the end I could feel the fibres being ripped apart in my stomach, but I knew I just wanted to get to 34 weeks.”

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