Mum, 26, brings home extremely rare ‘miracle’ quintuplets after months in hospital

The mum from Purvis, Mississippi, had braced herself to spend her first Mother’s Day in hospital months after giving birth to a boy and four girls. Quintuplets are extremely rare and can pose serious health problems for the mum and children alike

A mum has finally been discharged from hospital two months after giving birth to extremely rare quintuplets.

Haylee Ladner, 26, brought her five babies home in time to celebrate her first Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Some of her babies had made it back to the MIssissippi home before their mum with the youngest, Jake going home on April 27.

Jake was followed home by sisters Magnolia, then Adalyn and finally by Everleigh, Malley Kate and the exhausted mum Haylee on May 5 – all in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14.

Her squad of sprogs arrived well before the due date of May 10. The quintuplets were born at 28 weeks and one day, on February 16.

First Mother’s Day at home with the quintuplets (Haylee Ladner)
Before Haylee returned home, the babies were being looked after by her husband Shawn, supported by their extended family.

Usually babies don’t go home until their due date so to go home early was a show of how well they were doing.

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