Mother’s Joy: Celebrating thee Blessing of Raising 10 Children Under 14 Years Old, Defying Expectations and Embracing the Gift of a Bigg Happy Family ‎

At first there were many children in the house, wherever we looked we could see a group of children playing and making noise. In the morning and evening, especially on Sundays, the playgrounds were crowded with children. But now such large families are not often seen, so having two children in one household is more. But even now it is like having only one child (Baby) in the house, the saying ‘even if there are children, the house is too much’ is now like ‘one child is enough’. There is nothing wrong, if you look at the current expenses and the social environment, the many devices that attract children’s attention, it cannot be said that it is wrong for many parents to think that only one child is enough.

You may wonder why we are telling all this now. Here is a mother who has been pregnant for 14 consecutive years, became a mother of 16 children and is now expecting her 17th child. She is said to be expecting her 17th child a year after giving birth to her 16th child.

It happened not in our country, it happened in North Carolina, America. Patti Hernandez and her husband Carlos, who live in North Carolina, chose names starting with ‘C’ for all their children to honor their father.

Choice of names starting with ‘C’ for all children. The couple has six sons and ten daughters, three of whom are said to be sets of twins. Carlos Jr. (14), Christopher (13), Carla (11), Kaitlyn (11), Christian (10), Celeste (10), Christina (9), Calvin (7), Catherine (7), Caleb (5) , Caroline (5), Camilla (4), Caroline (4), Camal (4), Crystal (2) and Clayton is just one year old.

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The couple will welcome their 17th child in March
The couple is said to be welcoming their 17th child in March next year. “I’m 13 weeks pregnant and just found out I’m having a baby boy,” Patty Hernandez said.

See what a pregnant woman has to say about this
“I have been pregnant for 14 years, so to have my 17th child feels like I have been blessed by God in a way. Overall, I am very happy and excited to see the baby,” she said.

Patty gave birth to her youngest child, Clayton, in May last year. She previously said that her last pregnancy was her toughest. Pati hopes to have 20 children. She wants to give birth to 3 more boys, so this family will be 10 boys and 10 girls.

“If it is God’s will to give us an 18th child, we are asking God to give it to us,” said the mother. This couple refuses to use contraception. Pati said that the nurses at the hospital where her children were delivered always recognized her. “You came here last year, we see you every year,” said the nurse there.

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