Mermaid Parties – A Fantastic Theme For Your Little Mermaid

The ongoing popularity of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid and Disney’s hit comedy Splash which they followed up with their children’s cartoon mermaid character Ariel have all served to make a Mermaid themed parties a firm favourite with girls. Whether you buy a costume or simply adapt a bikini and sarong to suit all little girls of all ages love to pretend that they are sirens of the sea.

But does this love of mermaids come from and why do we find them so cute when legend would have us believe that they used to lure sailors onto the rocks with their singing and then drown them out of spite?

If we start at the beginning, mermaids are fictional meerjungfrau kostüm creatures being half human and half aquatic creature, fish, dolphin or seal. Mermaids exist in many cultures and stories about them date back thousands of years. Their name derives from concatenating a derivation of the old English (and French) word for sea; ‘mere’ and maid which would simply mean servant.

The earliest representation of a mermaid as we would think of them today would be the story of Atargatis who was goddess who fell in love with a mortal and in so doing killed him and through this loss of love threw herself into a lake taking on the form of a fish. It was said that the waters were unable to hide her beauty and thereafter she took on the form of a mermaid, human from the waist up and fish below.

The most popular depiction of the current day mermaid is left to us by Hans Christian Anderson in his story of The Little Mermaid which has given form to our modern day interpretation of the mermaid form and indeed was the model for the bronze statue that stands in Copenhagen Harbour.

So where does this modern day fascination with Mermaids come from?

Well, Disney brought out the film comedy Splash in 1984 which starred Darryl Hannah and which was a runaway success. The appeal of the mermaid story was not lost on Disney and they returned to the mermaid theme with their film length animated cartoon Ariel. And once Disney had spotted the potential and appeal of the mermaid theme its success was assured.

Today there are official Disney licensed Ariel fancy dress costumes which are available both in store and to buy on-line. These and most other mermaid costumes tend to follow the same design bring a blue bikini styled top with a flesh coloured body suit with a greenish blue coloured tail. Most costumes come complete with a seashell tiara and necklace but if you are making your own, seashell jewellery and loose seashells are readily available.

There is an increasing range of sewing patterns available for Halloween and other costume themes and it would be worth checking with your local haberdashery to see what they have available or could get for you. Materials should be translucent in shades of blue and green with gold or silver scale effects to form the outer tail which should/couhttps://mindofall.comld be over a more solid material for the base skirt – unless you are very daring. If the thought of making a costume is off putting then there are two basic options for purchase, visiting your local fancy dress retailer or buying from a specialist online internet costume retailer.

Online retailers tend to lay their shops out so that it’s easy to find the costume that you are looking for and a few will have an exceptional variety of fancy dress costume accessories. And in the main, it is the careful selection of your costume meerjungfrau decke  accessories that really brings the whole costume together.

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