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How does a Beko washing machine keep your workout clothes clean?

Beko is an international brand with a rich history that has been producing washing machines early. Its products are designed and built to last with advanced technology and features, so when you buy a Beko Washing Machine, it’s an investment for the long term. The washing machines also have several features to help protect your workout clothes and keep them looking great.

Turn your sports clothes inside out before washing them.

Your workout clothes are your best friend. They keep you warm and dry, they never complain when you’re late for a meeting, and they won’t tell a soul if the dryer shrunk them. In fact, they’re so great that most of us have at least one pair of workout pants that we wear all the time—but with all that use comes wear and tear.

One way to help ensure their longevity is by turning them inside out before washing them in order to protect their fabric from wear and tear caused by zippers and velcro (which might snag). This isn’t just about saving money on new clothes; it’s about keeping the ones you already have looking good for as long as possible!

Beko Washing Machine

Choose the right washing machine program.

For your workout clothes, choosing Beko Washing Machine that has a sports cycle. This latest rogram has the right combination of water temperature, detergent and time to ensure your workout gear is clean but not too harsh on it. With a large capacity drum, this machine can handle all of your laundry needs. This machine’s innovative design and features will make doing laundry a breeze. The touch panel controls make it easy to select the perfect cycle for your fabrics.

If you don’t have this option in your current machine, consider buying one specifically designed for sports clothing. The best machines are able to eliminate stains effectively while also protecting fabric fibres from shrinking or stretching out of shape and also including a large capacity tub that can accommodate up to 18 kg of laundry, an intuitive washing program selector, and a convenient delay start function.

Don’t use softener

Softeners can decrease the water-repellency of your workout clothing, which is a big deal if you’re doing intense workouts in the rain or snow. It can also reduce the effectiveness of waterproofing treatments on your clothes, making them more susceptible to leaks and tears (which are less likely if they have a higher level of water repellency).

If you’re going to be in the rain or snow, you should use a waterproofing treatment on your workout clothes and also try to make it completely dry. This will make them more resistant to water penetration and help prevent leaks and tears.

Caution with velcro and zippers

Velcro and zippers can scratch the washing machine drum, which will cause it to break down over time. They can also scratch the clothes themselves, causing them to wear out faster. Velcro and zippers are made of plastic, so they should never be used when washing workout clothes.

If you have a shirt with velcro on it that you need to wash by hand, use rubber gloves so that you don’t accidentally damage anything while washing.


Hopefully, we’ve now given you enough information about the dangers of washing your workout clothes without care. We all want to be able to wear our favourite shirts and shorts again and again, but if you don’t take these simple precautions every time you wash your workout clothes, they could end up in the trash bin before their time! So stay safe out there and always check for “inside-out” labels when loading your machine.

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