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How can you tell if thangka is real?

I have visited many places and many thangkas are in my collection. I know that some of the thangkas in my collection are fakes. How can you tell if a thangka is fake? A few different techniques can help you to identify a genuine thangka from a fake one.

The most obvious sign of a fake thangka is the surface. The surface of a real thangka is rough and uneven. It has a lot of scratches. Many fakers use an old canvas which was originally used for making clothing or blankets. But a real thangka will have an imperfect surface.

The other thing that you can look for is the signature. If the thangka has a unique signature, it is likely to be genuine. You must be cautious when you shop buy thangka at an auction sale. Only buy thangkas that are in good condition. You should also check the back side. If the painting is hanging on a wall, you will be able to look behind it.

If the painting is on display at a museum, you may be able to see it under the glass. If the thangka is sold privately, it is unlikely to be genuine. You can also tell if it is fake by looking at the colors. Look at the paint. Does it look dull or faded?

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