Four Sisters gave birth to baby on same day

Four sisters from England are pregnant at the same time in a strange coincidence, including two of whom are due to give birth in the same month.

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Kayleigh Stewart, 29, and her sister Jay Goodwillie, 35, are having baby boys in May. It will be Kayleigh’s first time as a mother and Jay’s second.

Two of her other sisters, Kerry-Anne Thomson, 41, and Amy Goodwillie, 24, have earlier pregnancies, with Kerry-Anne in October and Amy in August.

“I’m still pretty shocked,” Kayleigh told South West News Service of the brothers’ coincidence.

“There will be another four kids this year, it’s doubling.”

Kayleigh knew that her sister, Jay, had been trying for a baby, but she was still surprised when she told her about it via FaceTime, with some news of her own to share.

“I said, ‘No chance, me too,'” Kayleigh recalled of the phone call.

The sisters are extremely close and live only five minutes from each other.
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A few weeks later, the brothers told the rest of their family about their pregnancies, wore matching T-shirts to the reveal, and then also shared a joint gender reveal party.

Following the big Kayleigh and Jay news, Amy announced her pregnancy on Christmas and Kerry-Anne completed the streak in March.

“We have always been a united family; at one point we all lived together in a shared house,” Kayleigh explained. “We always stole our clothes and makeup.”

“Statistically it’s very unlikely to be pregnant at the same time,” she continued. “We have pretty close periods, so I don’t know if that’s a factor.”

Now, the four of them live within five minutes of each other and joke that it will be “good for daycare.”

Two additional Goodwillie sisters, Kim, 27, and Jodi, 21, are not pregnant (nor pictured).

The girls also have two other sisters, Kim Goodwillie, 27, and Jodi Goodwillie, 21, who are not currently pregnant.

Now, come the holidays, your family celebrations will be packed with 22 people, including new babies, loved ones, and grandparents.

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“It’s really exciting for the family,” Kerry-Anne told SWNS. “I love the fact that the babies will all be in the same class together once they go to daycare and school.” “I’m sure they will be great friends.”

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