Does Gildan Run Small? Review of the Gildan G800

Because we think we have a clue or two about t-shirts, we’ve decided to offer our take on the Gildan G800, regardless of whether you requested it or not.

If you’re searching for a top-quality workplace shirt that doesn’t cause the attention of your boss after they’ve seen the cost, then this Gildan shirt is an excellent choice. The review we’ve provided below will help you determine which one is right to meet your specific purchasing requirements.

Is the Gildan G800 True-To-Size?

You have likely come across this post in search of information on what kind of shirts fit into your body, one of the crucial things to keep in mind before deciding on the type of clothes you’d like to go towards in your personalization process.

It is Gildan G800 an Adult 5.5oz DryBlend 50/50 tee. It means the garments are constructed with 50% pre-shrunk, cotton and 50 percent polyester. Pre-shrunk cotton and polyester equal practically zero shrinkage. This means that these shirts will stay exactly to size, no matter how often they are washed.

Our Honest Review

The G800 is an excellent choice to purchase bulk quantities at a cheaper price. We’ll go so far as saying this is the perfect dress shirt. “Chef’s kiss” Gildan G800 has a classic shape (which is boxier than a fashionable fitting) and comes in a variety of colors which makes it simple to include your logo with custom screens printed or embroidered T-shirts. They are available in sizes that range between S-5XL. As we said earlier, they can be worn on a large variety of body types available in sizes ranging from S-5XL. Additionally, they’re gender-neutral and do not have seams on the sides. The message we’re trying to convey is that this is a comfy, budget-friendly, and practical choice for your entire team!

The collar is seamless, with double-needle stitching all over the collar, a tear-away tag, as well as DryBlend fabric, which absorbs the moisture away, this will be a hit for those who like heavier clothing but want to remain dry even in hot weather.

Custom Screen Printing on the Gildan G800

Screen printers may make use of discharge, water-based or plastisol-based inks on the Gildan G800 without issue. Our personal preference is the water-based inks on Real Thread, because of their less environmental impact and their long-lasting nature. The Super Soft ink soaks into fabric, instead of being a layer on top. For an edgy style, we recommend using the highest-opacity liquid-based Bold ink. It’s more robust, and heavier, and is placed over the shirt, ensuring a vibrant and vivid look – but it doesn’t fade or crack!

Embroidering on the Gildan G800

As this is a heavyweight shirt, embroidery can be a fantastic way to alter the threads you use quite literally. We offer regular, metallic, and puff embroidery. Do you want more details about prices, styles and everything else? Our experts have all of this down to the scientific level.

For a quick summary… Do you need to go with Gildan’s G800?

This is a viable alternative if you need a wide selection of durable, heavy-weight water-wicking t-shirts that are priced at a reasonable cost. If you’re not having, your heart set on Gildan G800, we have a variety of options. Gildan G800 offers many different styles of apparel that you can choose from. In case you’re finding the process of ordering t-shirts daunting (we are aware that it is quite a bit at times!) We’d like to make a point to promote our T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide which is an excellent guide to teach you all you have to know about ordering personalized clothing.

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