Doctor says baby’s lower part of the body is joined like a fish fin

Doctor says baby’s lower part of the body is joined like a fish fin.

Fish-like baby born in Egypt
A baby was born in Egypt with his legs joined at the end – in what looks like a fish fin. Sadly the child died a few hours later.

The boy was born to a woman in a Cesarean operation in the southern town of Qena and doctors said the upper part of his body is normal except his hands.

“The lower part of his body is joined like a fish fin. This is one of the rarest cases and is caused by genetic imbalance sue to inbreeding or drug abuse during pregnancy,” Al Wafd daily said, quoting Dr Yahya Ahmed, who performed the surgery.

A baby astonished doctors in India when it was born with a rare condition known as ‘Mermaid syndrome.’

Tragically the newborn, whose legs had fused together to resemble the mythical creature, only lived for about ten minutes.

Dr Vandana Arya, 35, a gynaecologist at the hospital who delivered the baby, said: ‘I have never seen a case like this before.

We have seen congenital disorders amongst children born with deformities, but this was an extremely rare case.

‘The baby was born in a fish-like body, and had its hands spread like fins, which made this case even more unique.

‘The upper body of the baby was absolutely functional but the lower body was not developed.’

A large group of people gathered at at Sahi Ram Hospital for a glimpse of the remarkable newborn.

Dr Arya said the condition meant it was impossible to determine the gender of the baby.

Sirenomelia, also known as ‘Mermaid syndrome’ is a life-threatening illness, marked by the rotation and fusion of a sufferer’s legs.

The rare congenital deformity causes what looks like a single limb, resembling a fish tail, in the womb.

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