Comparison Between Various Industrial Drives and Cable Testers in the USA

Electrical drive structures are crucial to automation systems in industrial settings because of how much electrical energy they use. In order to achieve energy savings, these industrial drives in the USA play an important part.

A cable tester is a device that assesses the strength and connectivity of a specific type of cable or other linked components. Cable testers in the USA come in a variety of designs. Each of them is capable of testing a particular cable or wire type. 

Top Industrial Drives in the USA

All-compatible ACS880 single drives by ABB

With ACS880 single drives by ABB, you can streamline your life and make all of your alternatives available. You can have the best versatility and capability with industrial drives in the USA that are wall-mounted or built into cabinets. 

For precise control in a range of applications, such as cranes, winders, mixers, condensers, drives, fans, etc. they are built on the common drive platform from ABB.


• Computer tool and control panel that makes sense.

• Use direct torque control for precise open and closed loop control (DTC).

• Security features that are integrated for simpler configuration.

• Communication with all key automation networks.

• An energy optimizer and information on energy efficiency for monitoring and energy conservation.

• Designed to be simple to use.

ACS880 Industrial Multidrive

The air-cooled and liquid-cooled all-compatible multi-drives, which are available with a variety of supply units, including regenerative and diode supply units, are the best industrial drives in the USA. By utilizing a single supply with several converters, line power, and system space are decreased. For the best control of practically any form of AC motor, including synchronous machines, installations, and permanent magnet motors, it employs direct torque control (DTC).

Key Features

• Standard direct torque control (DTC).

• A USB port on the user-friendly control panel.

• Supports numerous fieldbus protocols.

• Options for encoders and flexible I/O.

• Designed to be simple to use.

Flange-mounted Industrial drives, ACS880

The flange-mounted industrial drives in the USA from ABB include the ACS880-01, -11, and -31 drives. Flange attachment is very useful for outdoor cabinet installations and in challenging conditions where dust and other contaminants are present.

For example, the mining, oil and gas, and textile sectors use these facilities. Flange mounting (push-through) involves installing the drive on a cabinet wall using a flange, leaving heat dispersion outside the cabinet.


  • Lower investment costs and less maintenance are required for cabinet filters due to the decreased need for cooling air inside the cabinet.
  • a reduction in cabinet heat load, which boosts system dependability.
  • The drives’ flange and heat dissipation have an IP55 (UL Type 12) protection grade, meaning they are protected from low-pressure water and dust. 
  • Restorative and ultra-low balance drive versions are both available. 

Cabinet-built single drives with liquid cooling, ACS880-07LC

The all-compatible drives architecture by ABB saves installation time and space requirements and is used to build cabinet-made industrial drives in the USA, which come with a variety of standard and optional features. ABB cabinets are completely liquid-cooled, enabling them to be installed in any location without even one air filter replacement. It is quite simple to discover solutions for many applications because of the flexible connection and the vast range of alternatives.


• There are available enclosure classes IP42 and IP54.

• Standard direct torque control (DTC).

• A USB port on the user-friendly control panel.

In addition to the standard choke, there are also options for an EMC filter and brake chopper.

• Supports numerous fieldbus protocols.

Cable Testers in the USA

Fluke Networks’ LinkIQ Cable & Network Tester

The LinkIQ Cable & Network Tester is a trusted tool for evaluating cable performance up to 10G and resolving network connectivity problems.

LinkIQ is one of the best cable testers in the USA and certifies cable performance by calculating maximum bandwidth (10BASE-T to 10GBASE-T) based on frequency-based measurements, assuring that tested links meet interpretation criteria.

Important Features

  • Use frequency-based measurements to confirm cable performance up to 10GBASE-T.
  • Establish a connection with the switch’s VLAN, IP address, data rate, and name.
  • Conduct a load test, specify the power and PoE class (1–8).
  • Using ping and IP setup, check the TCP/IP network’s connectivity.

Version 1.0 of the TC-NT2 Network Cable Tester

The TC-NT2 is regarded by network specialists as one of the most useful and comprehensive cable testers in the USA available. Thanks to its robust and user-friendly features, network installers may carefully analyze the pin layouts of various voice and data connection cables.

The TC-NT2 features a master unit that communicates test signals to the connected remote terminator to verify the reliability of the cable. It verifies continuity and displays the wiring configuration for up to 300 meters of the wire installation.


• To ensure appropriate pin and wire structure, the TC-NT2 can identify and diagnose issue cables using the unique capabilities of the audio tone generator.

• Tone Generator built-in for use with a standard Tone Probe for cable tracing.

• Verifies the grounding of the covered (screened) cable.

• Inspects cables for gaps, shorts, and improper wiring.

• A cable test distance of 300 meters.

• Scanners with manual or automatic modes.

• Comes with two RJ45-to-BNC adapters, an RJ45 patch cable, and a Deluxe Carrying Pouch.

The LAN Scout Jr. 2 Cable Tester

The LAN Scout Jr. 2 Cable Tester examines RJ45-terminated data cables that have been installed or removed. It is one of the top cable testers in the USA. Backlighting on the larger display makes it simpler to view in dimly lit areas. The user interface is straightforward and only calls for three buttons.


• Pin-to-pin wire-map results are shown on a large backlit LCD for low-light conditions.

• Inspect for Split-Pair, Cross-over, Open, Short, or Shield defects.

• The test findings for three buttons on the user-friendly interface are unambiguous and evident.

• Use one, two, or all eight conductor wires to modulate the tone.

• Tone generator with multiple modes (solid and warble); needs a probe.

Cable Tester Kit with Scout Pro 3

The Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter Kit contains flexible cable testers in the USA, that locate and examine the phone, data, and video cables. Using the remotes with built-in position mapping, locate various cable runs. This kit confirms every time that cables are installed correctly.


  • Up to 2,000 feet of cable length measurement (610 m).
  • Check for open, short, faulty wiring, or split-pair issues.
  • Use the hub blink mode to locate a port on a hub or switch.
  • Location Remotes for LanMap and CoaxMap (5 each) Identify and map several cable runs at once.
  • Includes a self-storing remote, a voltage warning, a shield detection, auto power off, and a low battery indication.


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What are the various types of industrial drives?

Three main types of industrial drives exist, each of which represents a trend in technical advancement. These are the group drive, the individual drive, and the multi-motor drive.

What purposes serve industrial motor drives?

Motor drives are the cornerstone of modern global industry. They are essential to the industries that help the world and our way of life become more sustainable, despite their careful disguising. 

What does a Level 3 Cable Tester mean?

The performance of the future 10 Gigabit Ethernet link specifications is certified using the TIA Level III.

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