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Child prodigy, 11, with higher IQ than Einstein wants to colonise Mars as NASA astronaut

An 11-year-old genius, who has an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, is receiving a master’s degree in engineering.

Ahara Pérez Sánchez hopes to one day be a NASA astronaut, having previously stated how he wants to colonize Mars.

The autistic girl, from Mexico City, Mexico, scored an astonishing 162 on her IQ test, which is believed to be two points higher than two of the smartest men who ever lived.

Ahara grew up in the low-income neighborhood of Tláhauc and was often bullied because of the developmental disability she was diagnosed with at age three.

Doctors made the diagnosis after the girl’s speech regressed significantly and she was found rocking in her high chair.

She was diagnosed with developmental disability at the age of three after her speech regressed significantly. She was found rocking in her high chair and she began to crawl very fast.

After enduring years of apathetic teachers and bullying from her classmates, which led her to change schools three times, Adhara began to isolate herself, her family told Marie Claire Mexico.

“The teachers were not very empathetic, they told me that I would like me to finish a task,” her mother, Nayeli Sánchez, told the magazine. ‘She began to exclude herself, she didn’t want to play with her classmates, she felt strange, different.

“She could be at school for a while, but then she couldn’t, she fell asleep, she didn’t want to do any more,” she continued. “She was very depressed, people had no empathy, they made fun of her.”

She realized that her daughter had already taught herself algebra and memorized the periodic table, but Nayeli brushed it off, thinking that her daughter must be bored.

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