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Car Dent Vs. Scratch Cover: Its Importance and Need

However, as you may already be aware, daily commuting exposes our cars to annoying stone chips, dents, and scratches that can mar an otherwise spotless car.

Even though these dings and scratches may seem minor, they frequently require significant repair costs. Unfortunately, the costs of these repairs can equal your car insurance excess, so they are not justified financially. For many people, getting a Scratch & Dent solution for their car is a no-brainer.

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Car Dent vs. Scratch: Various kinds of car scratches

Clear-coat scratch:

As is common knowledge, a very thin layer of clear coat shields car paint from harmful environmental factors such as direct sunlight, acid rain, dust, etc. Only if that is the case will car scratch repair be simple. The simplest task is to remove car dings from the clear coat layer.

Primer scratch:

A primer is an additional layer of protection that automakers apply to the body of our cars to give it a gorgeous, shiny, and smoother surface. The body paint will deteriorate and there is a slight chance of rusting if preventative measures are not promptly taken if car scratches cut through the clear coat layer and expose the Primer coating.In order to prevent uneven paint differences, it is advised to paint the entire part because fixing this will take more time and knowledge.

Paint scratch:

When a scratch is so severe that the metal sheet can be seen through the layers, it is very difficult to repair. These car scuffs appear after a serious accident or when your car is intentionally damaged with a stone or sharp object. It is recommended that you take corrective action as soon as possible in order to stop any additional major causes.

How can I Remove the scratch on my car?

You can assess a simple surface-level scratch using your fingernail. If your nail is unable to catch it, you can use a specialised rubbing compound to remove it. To accomplish this, thoroughly wash the affected area with car-soapy water before cleaning it with a microfiber cloth. A small amount of rubbing compound is now applied using a buffing pad. With little pressure, the compound is vigorously rubbed into the scratched area in a circular motion. A small section of clear coat that has been scratched must be removed. The entire procedure is continually repeated. 

Scratch Removing kit:

For minor scratches, you can also use a scratch repair kit from the store. A buffing pad and scratch-remover solution are included in the kit.It is first washed to make sure there is no remaining dust or debris on the surface. Following that, the surface is dried with a microfiber cloth. Use the buffing pad to apply a small amount of the solution to the surface. The surplus is taken out and dried. Contradictory views have been expressed regarding the use of scratch-removing kits, with some users reporting either no results or respectable results only for very minor scratches.


To get rid of any contaminants and debris, the expert begins by giving the car a thorough wash. The expert sands the area until the scratch’s inner core can be seen after removing any extra paint. To prevent further scratches in the opposite direction, the paint removal motion should be on the side of the scratch. Additionally, a variety of sandpaper grits, such as 1500, 2000, and others, are used for various levels of scratches.

Paint Protection Film:

Etching primer is used to act as an adhesive medium for the paint after the surface has been sanded. While waiting for it to dry in between procedures, the surface is primed and sanded two or three times. The expert then used an exclusive pallet and the OEM paint code to match the paint. Following the application of several coats of clear coat, car polishing and waxing compounds are used to protect and seal the paint. Depending on the severity of the damage, the entire process takes one or two days.

What does it cost to have the scratch removed from your car?

The price to fix a car scratch depends on how severe and extensive the scratch is. By rubbing, cutting, and polishing the afflicted panel, a surface-level scratch can be eliminated. Starting at 799 for your car, a basic full body polishing and rubbing is included.

While a deep clear coat scratch that has reached the first few layers of paint requires filling, sanding, and a labor-intensive process that starts at $1,099.

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