Can a snake die from its own venom?

Everyone knows that the bite of a venomous snake is extremely dangerous, and in the worst case, it can be fatal. But is snake venom so dangerous for the snakes themselves and will it cause the same effects in the body of reptiles that it causes in the body of mammals?

It is believed that poisonous snakes have immunity to their own poison, so if snakes of the same species cling to each other, they are not threatened with death from poison.

But what happens if a conflict arises between different types of poisonous snakes? In this case, one should take into account which species will enter the fray. Situations when snakes of different species attack each other are not at all uncommon. Some species of snakes specifically prey on their relatives in order to eat them. Long-term residence of two different types of venomous snakes in the same territory contributes to their immunity against the opponent’s poison. Sometimes only one species becomes resistant to the poison, gaining a powerful weapon in the struggle for territory and food.

If the opponents have not developed resistance to the opponent’s poison, this situation can often end in the death of both snakes: the poison does not act instantly, and in most cases the fatally bitten snake manages to sting the other one.

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