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Benefits of Onion Products for Hair and Uses

Hello friends. Now everyone must be using it in cooking, making chicken and salads. But do you know how much this onion available in your kitchen can benefit you. You all go to beauty parlor to beautify your hair and also spend thousands of rupees. But today after reading this article about onion hair oil benefits, you can easily take care of your hair absolutely free of cost. We all love our hair. And we also use many products to make hair beautiful, long and thick. But due to pollution, diet and changing weather, our hair also gets affected a lot. Have a look on these onion products for hair which takes care for hair with natural ingredients and boost hair growth.

Onion juice i.e. onion hair oil helps in lengthening your hair. And along with this, onion oil also makes your hair black, thick and strong. Antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anti microbial, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E are found in onion oil. Kind of works too. If your hair is also falling. Hair is breaking. If there is a problem of dryness and split ends, then you must apply onion hair oil to your hair. Let us then know about the benefits of onion hair oil and onion hair care products.

Benefits of Onion Hair Oil 

Now we will tell you about the benefits of onion hair oil.

1. If your hair has become lifeless. So you must apply onion oil to your hair. Onion contains anti bacterial and sulphur. Sulfur nourishes your hair from the root. And its anti-bacterial property helps in killing the bacteria of the scalp. Due to which the health of your scalp becomes correct. If your hair is falling. And the hair is not getting longer. So you must apply onion oil to your hair. This will strengthen your hair. Onion Hair Oil is rich in antioxidants. Which strengthens your hair. And also provides relief from hair fall.

2. If your hair is falling very fast. And you are becoming a victim of baldness. So you should start using onion oil in your hair from today itself.

3. If your hair is short and new hair is not coming. So you must use onion oil in your hair. This will help in getting new hair from your scalp.

4. If you want to condition your hair. So onion oil can be very beneficial for you. Onion oil contains antioxidants. Which is conditioning your hair. And it also makes the hair soft. Conditioning of hair with onion oil helps in reducing dryness of hair.

5. If you are facing dandruff problem in your hair. So you must use onion oil once. If you want, you can also mix coconut oil with onion oil to remove dandruff. Onion oil has anti bacterial properties. Due to which the bacterial infection in the scalp is cured. And along with it the problem of dandruff also vanishes. Onion juice also corrects your blood circulation i.e. blood circulation by going into your scalp. Due to which the hair also becomes strong and thick.

6. If you want shiny hair. So you can make your hair shiny and attractive by applying onion juice to your hair. Due to the presence of many nutrients in onion hair oil, onion oil mixed with coconut oil or mixed with olive oil can be used in the hair. By applying it, the shine of the hair increases.

7. Along with hair, onion juice can also prove to be very helpful in controlling your digestive system. Onion oil also helps in reducing your toothache. As I have already told that onion oil has antibacterial properties which helps a lot in tooth and ear pain. Onion oil is also very beneficial for heart patients.

8. If your hair is turning white, that too at an early age, then you must use onion oil. Copper, calcium and iron are present in onion oil. So it helps in preventing hair graying.

Disadvantages of Onion Hair Oil

1. Do a patch test before applying onion oil to your hair and scalp. And make sure that you have any kind of allergy to onion oil or not.

2. If you have blood pressure and you are taking blood pressure medicine. So in such a situation do not use onion oil.

3. Do not use onion oil excessively.

How to make onion hair oil:

Before making onion hair oil, you have to extract onion juice. And then mix some coconut oil in it and heat it on a pan for some time. Then leave it to cool down. Now you can use this onion oil.

Onion oil preparation method:

To make onion oil, first of all take onion juice. You can use a grinder to extract onion juice. You first put coconut oil in a pan and add onion juice to the oil. Mix it well, then after it cools down, filter it through a sieve and remove it separately. You can use this oil for 6 months.

How to use onion oil:

To apply onion oil on hair, heat it slightly lukewarm. Now apply it well on the hair roots and massage it with light hands. Leave it on the hair for an hour. Then wash the hair with any mild shampoo.


Now you know what are the healthy benefits of applying onion oil to your hair.

There can be more disadvantages. You must tell by commenting below that how did you like the information about our article onion hair oil benefits in hindi. Thank you.

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