Baby Born With White Hair Is One Of The Rarest And Most Beautiful Things We Knew Existed

Have you ever seen a baby born with white hair as bright as snow? Well, when Jessica Smith noticed it was time to deliver her baby, she rushed to the hospital like any other mom and started the long and amazing process of giving birth. But she never would have guessed that her baby will be born with a beautiful and unique snow white hair.

Everyone say hi to the baby born with white hair Devina and her bright light hair that is quite rare indeed. When she came out to the world everyone was surprised by her beautiful lock of hair and beside a few checkups regarding her eyes, she is perfectly healthy.

At first, the doctors diagnosed baby Devina as being part albinism, which obviously right away everyone started comparing her to the mother dragon Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Jessica, which is a full time mom of three said.

” I never expected her to have hair like that. I didn’t have a clue until she was born. The doctors told me she had a lot of hair during delivery but it was a shock when i saw her for the first time. She had so much hair, it was crazy. ”

We definitely never saw babies born with white hair before, maybe bright blond, but not white. The one thing we can all agree on is that it makes baby Devina really special. As you would expect, a baby born with white hair will quickly draw attention both in the real world, and on the internet and social media.

The couple didn’t let her out much at first because she was so tiny, but when they visited the hospital for a routine checkup, a little girl who saw Devina and her unusual white hair said she looked like a doll.

Obviously, when the couple finally posted some photos of their new baby girl, it went viral super fast, gaining thousands of shares and comments from all other the world.

Despite this being one of the rarest stories we ever heard, after some digging, it turns out that there are other babies born with white hair or even partial bright hair. Take Bence for example. The little guy was born with a set of full snow white hair on him and his doctors said it’s just a mild pigmentation issue that will probably be resolved as the child grow older.

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