Absolutely identical triplets. They are already 7 years old: how the beautiful brothers grow up and look

When a child is born in a family, parents can forget about rest and sleep. Pleasant and tedious chores begin.

And when twins or triplets are born in a family, parents completely forget what the rest is.

An amazing incident happened in a young family. They had identical triplets.

When young parents first learned that not one child would be born, but three at once, they were shocked.

After all, the eldest daughter also grew up in the family. The boys were born completely identical.

They were impossible to separate. From the first days of life they became famous.

After all, such a case in practice happens very rarely. The woman was under the close attention of doctors for nine months.

All the newspapers wrote about the babies, and reporters constantly knocked on the door to interview or take photos of the babies.

The young mother decided to open a page on social networks and post videos and photos about the everyday life of a large family.

The triplets grew up, though similar in appearance, but completely different in character.

One of them was a born leader and tried to control all the actions of the brothers. It is no coincidence that he was born first.

The second baby was very balanced and calm. And the third was the most active and mobile, he could not sit still for even a minute.

The mother of little fighters does not have a moment of peace. She always needs something to cook, wash, stroke, play.

She hopes that when the kids start going to school, she will have more time for herself.
The family quickly gained a lot of subscribers who followed the boys with pleasure.

Now the children are already seven years old and they are going to go to school.

We can only guess how much fun the teachers will have.

After all, boys are outwardly impossible to distinguish, and they also always dress the same clothes.

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