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A Two Headed Goat and Two More Animal Illusions

I’ve posted a few crazy moving optical illusions lately, and my eyes need a bit of a break! So, I thought a fun illusion would be a nice break today!

I went digging through my little collection of reserve optical illusions, carefully avoiding the crazy eyeball killers mind you, and came up with a couple fun photo optical illusions. First up, we have a two headed goat illusion!

two headed goat

I haven’t seen a two headed goat since my days at the circus! But, I’ve never seen a two headed goat the looks quite like this little guy! With a head on each end, it makes you wonder which end he uses to do his business. Hmmm…

After the two headed goat illusion, we have a crazy eyed chicken lady illusion!

Wow! That illusion is even creepier than the two headed goat illusion—by far! Even though it’s obvious that the photo was edited and the chicken’s and lady’s eyes were switched, there’s still something quite disturbing about this image. It just gives me the heebie jeebies!

Dachshunds are long dogs, but this guy is really long! Either that, or it’s just a perfectly timed photograph of two dogs behind a tree. Ya think? Nooo….

So, what did you think of today’s two headed goat, crazy eye chicken lady and really long dog? Don’t forget to rate today’s post below before you go!

The two headed goat may have been a bit of a farce, but Mother Nature’s caterpillar illusion definitely isn’t! Head over and check it out!
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