A Sick Dog Runs With All Her Might To Reunite With Her Family, Unaware That They Had Abandoned Her.

She runs at full speed, but in the end, fatigue overcomes her and she sees how those people she considered “her family” leave.

What a shame that there are terrible people who chose to dump their dogs while they are simply trying to keep them company. A video has gone viral on social media showing how a dog being dropped from a car and abandoned on a busy street, but the sight becomes even more heartbreaking as the canine rushes hopelessly after them and, despite his best attempts, becomes exhausted and distraught. Fortunately, kind individuals consoled him and took him to get his venereal tumor treated.

The Abandoned Dog Frantically Searches For Them.

Ángel Aceves ‘ TikTok video touches sensitive nerves, as it appears that a sick dog was left on a street with numerous cars going by, and as her owners departed, she began to follow the automobile, expecting for them to stop and pick her up, which did not happen.

In much of the video you can see how she runs at full speed, but in the end, fatigue overcomes her and she sees how those people she considered “her family” leave. The event occurred in León Guanajuato, Mexico, as a result of the Villa Magna bypass.

The film illustrates “when your humans forsake you and you race with all your strength to catch up with them.”

You can see how the small puppy was abandoned in the middle of the road, and how the people documenting the incident came to aid her, but they also empathized with her narrative and chose to give her the chance to rebuild her life by providing her water and food and bringing her to a better area.

“You’re terrified, and you have no idea why they abandoned you.”

Cancer Had Struck An Abandoned Dog.

After those angels scooped her up, they took her to the vet, who gave her a horrible diagnosis. She not only had bruises and a lot of heartache, but they also discovered she had TVT, a transmissible venereal tumor that needed to be treated immediately soon. It’s important to note that she’s been sterilized.

Despite receiving health treatment and his first chemotherapy, his heart is also healing, since he does not trust people easily, but his evolution has been positive, so they pledged to do all necessary to transform his life. If you wish to donate to its recuperation, support it, or adopt it once it is healthy, you may contact Facebook La Manada- Todo para tu mascota.

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