A Puppy Kissing Fish Most Amazing Moments

Sometimes animals form unlikely friendships, but romance between two different species is truly rare. Someone snapped a picture of a puppy kissing a koi fish and it quickly started the most adorable animal Photoshop battle ever.

These two lovebirds have already entered famous romantic movie scenes, appeared on a kiss cam, and even got their wedding photo. Take part in this love story and upload your own images, or vote for your favorites below!

Her owner, Carrie Bredy, has documented her love story on Instagram and YouTube for all to see.

Although Bredy has two other dogs, Tomato and Walter, according to her Instagram page since Bredy built her koi pond in 2015, it seems that Daisy is the only dog ​​who enjoys visiting him.

Although Daisy and Frank’s date takes place at the koi pond, there is nothing shy about relationships. Daisy goes to the pond, puts her head down and waits for Frank to swim; she then begins the public make-out session.

It’s clear the two share a very special bond, and Bredy can’t get enough. She captioned one of her YouTube videos, “My French bulldog (Daisy) and my koi fish (Frank) have had a year-long love affair. I never tire of seeing her affection for each other.”

Bredy also shared on Instagram that “when Daisy isn’t busy kissing Frank, she enjoys lounging in the shade by the pond,” so at least they’re always around.

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