A home inside a mother’s womb is full of inspiration for children to feel and explore with excitement ‎

Your baby’s first year will be full of first wonders, first adventures, and of course, those much anticipated first milestones like laughing, walking, and saying their first word.

It is natural to wonder what your baby should be doing each month, but remember, every child develops and grows at their own pace. If your child is hitting some milestones earlier and others later, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. Make sure your baby goes to all of their well-child visits, and talk to your doctor about their development and any concerns or questions you might have.

Read on to learn about the biggest baby milestones by month and what you can expect to see your baby doing.

I have fantastic news! I’ve already given birth! But I didn’t want to have to skip the 9th month update altogether. I also want to fondly reminisce the wonderful journey I had in this second pregnancy. I was 39 weeks when this photo was taken.

I remember going out for pasta and pizza on that day and had a quick trip to the bank. I was feeling swollen and achy. Little did we know that the day after, I was to be rushed to the hospital to deliver my baby boy. I’ll leave that for another post.

58856227 – happy woman with different stages of pregnancy over gray background

As I recall those nine precious months, my heart just swells with gratitude and joy. I am beyond grateful that God has given us the opportunity to experience pregnancy all over again. I’m grateful that it was relatively an easier pregnancy despite some challenges I’ve experienced along the way.

Another thing that I’m glad I was able to do, was to document this pregnancy through the bump project! The above photo shows the progression of my bump. If you’re expecting or planning to get pregnant, I suggest you work on your own bump project as well. It’s a fun way to document the growth of your pregnant belly!

That’s it for now. Expect a baby update post soon and a post about my birth experience. For now, this momma’s gonna catch some shut eye because a tiny boy has been keeping me up all night!

Have a good week ahead!

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