A gateway to the Upside Down has opened on Bondi Beach

Early risers who ventured down to the beach on Friday were met with a sight of a lifetime: a gigantic crack from the Upside Down had appeared in the sand overnight.

Tentacle-like vines were seen sticking out of the glowing red center of the crack, and passers-by stopped their morning activities to gaze at the bizarre scene, a sight the likes of which had never been seen before.

Tom, 31, a Bondi resident, told Daily Mail Australia: “I thought something huge had washed up on the beach, but when I got closer I realized it wasn’t something from the sea.” It looks awesome.’

Molly, 23, commented: ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this here before. It’s amazing.’

Bruce ‘Hoppo’, Anthony Harries, Jethro James, Mario Marfella and Lukas Street were seen making sure the audience kept their distance, as media crews descended on the area to capture the spectacle everyone was talking about.

As film crews caught the events on camera, local celebrities were also seen watching the crack.

The Bondi IT couple and former Bachelor contestants Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston were seen hanging around near the perimeter and surfer and musician Alex Hayes was also seen in the area.

Photographer Eugene Tan, the man behind the popular Aquabumps brand, captured the crack through his own lens, creating an incredible sunrise image of the scene that was later shared online.

The Daily Mail Australia sent a film crew to capture the scenes, such was the mystery and intrigue, and the footage aired throughout the morning.

As the rift drew an ever-growing crowd, with speculation rife as to what the structure actually was, it was revealed that the upside-down rift signaled that Stranger Things 4 had arrived in Australia.

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