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While you’re pregnant, externally you will see your bump growing, increase in your weight and lots of other physical changes. But ever wondered what happens inside your tummy? How much does the baby grow each month? What are the changes that occur? To know all these interesting facts read below

Month 1 (Week 1-4)
Week 1 starts 24 hours right after the fertilization of egg and sperm. You would have generally conceived two weeks post your last periods during the ovulation. At this stage the cells start dividing continuously and form ‘’Embryo’’. Once this is formed, its next job is to attach itself to the uterus. This period is called implantation. At this point few women may notice spotting or slight bleeding for one or two days and it’s very common. The cervix (opening between the uterus and the outer vaginal canal) is closed tightly to protect the growing embryo. There would be a slight feeling of nauseous sensation since the hormonal level slightly increases. At this stage still the embryo cannot be called a fetus. Your baby would be the size of a poppy seed by this time.

Month 2 (Week 5-8)
Even till the end of 8 weeks your baby is still called an embryo. A layer is formed around the embryo to protect it, which later becomes the amniotic sac. During this time the placenta also starts developing. Tiny cells start forming the heart and circulation starts. You will notice the baby’s heartbeat in the scan. The face slowly starts to form by the end of the 8th week with eyes followed by mouth and throat along with these tiny arms and legs are also formed. With these the digestive system also starts forming slowly. Your baby would be the size of a grain of rice or apple seed now and measures about 1.6 cm in length.

Month 3 (Week 9-12)
The arms and legs are fully formed. Nails start growing by this time. Teeth begin to grow. Digestive system is fully grown and starts functioning digestion processes along with that urinary bladder and reproductive organs will also grow. But they are still immature that the gender cannot be differentiated. The baby’s brain starts developing slowly along with the neurons (which is the one which transmits information within the brain). The baby weighs about 28 grams in the third month. At the beginning of the third month the baby is the size of a raspberry and by the end of the third month it becomes the size of a plum. The baby’s length varies from 2-5 cm this month.

Month 4 (Week 13-16)
This month will turn out to be the best part of your pregnancy since your vomiting disappears and you will notice the bump slowly. At this point finer details like eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and gums of the teeth are formed. The baby’s genitals are completely developed. During checkups, your doctor will be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat in doppler. Inside the womb the baby starts to suck its thumb, yawn and stretch. By the end of this month, you will be able to feel flutter or butterfly-like movements in your tummy especially when you are carrying for the second time or more. The baby weighs about 113 grams at this stage. At 13 weeks the baby is the size of a lemon and at 16 weeks it becomes the size of an avocado. The baby’s length varies from 7-12 cm.

Month 5(Week 17-20)
You will notice your baby start moving by this month. The amniotic fluid becomes more strong and the baby is covered by a white coat (which usually sheds before birth). Fine hair starts growing all over the body especially in the shoulder, back and legs. The baby can blink now, make faces and even has fingerprints. And the greatest thing is that the baby can hear sounds and even respond to it. If you are carrying a baby girl inside she would have developed ovaries by now and has all the eggs necessary for the whole life inside it. Your baby will weigh between 220 to 450 grams at this stage. The baby will become the size of a Banana at the end of this month. The length of the baby varies from 13-26 cm.

Month 6 (Week 21-24)
The baby’s lungs are developing in a full swing though it’s not functional. You might begin to notice jerky movements and baby hiccups. Baby’s brain development is in maturation process. Your baby will weigh about 600 grams this month and will be the size of a papaya. The length of the baby varies from 27-30 cm. The baby will begin to hear all the noises within you and around you.

Month 7 (Week 25-28)
You will find the baby responding and changing its position in response to sound, light and pain. The lungs are developed to an extent, even if the baby is born prematurely it can breathe by itself (around 28 weeks). The baby starts to develop fat. The baby will be able to grasp by this point. The baby weighs about 1-1.5 kgs and will be the size of a cauliflower by the end of this month. The length of the baby varies from 35-38 cm.

Month 8 (Week 29-32)
The baby’s bone becomes stronger except the skull. The taste buds start working and the baby would be able to differentiate the taste as sweet and sour. The baby moves and kicks more frequently and also grows rapidly at this stage. The baby approximately weighs about 1.6 to 1.8 kgs and will be the size of a muskmelon. The length of the baby varies from 39-42 cm.

Month 9 (Week 33-36)
The baby will develop reflexes like closing eyes and turning head to sound and light. The baby is completely developed at this stage and finally positions itself. The baby weighs about 2.5-3 kgs and will be the size of a watermelon. The length of the baby varies from 44-47 cm.

Month 10 (Week 37-40)
This is the final month your baby is ready to see the world. Not much changes will occur in the womb at this stage except the baby will keep increasing in weight and your tummy getting tight. Your baby will weigh approximately about 3 t0 4 kgs and will be the size of a jackfruit. The length of the baby varies between 49-51 cm.

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