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The little girl started looking like an old lady as soon as she was born, the family got scared after seeing her face

After the birth of a baby girl, she looked exactly like a 60-year-old old woman. As soon as the girl’s family saw her face, they were horrified. After this, when the girl was taken to the hospital, the doctors there told why this happened. The girl child has a rare disease called Presoria.

There is an atmosphere of celebration in any family when a child is born. But then the happiness of a family in South Africa disappeared. When he saw that his daughter looked like a sixty-year-old old lady. Many people got scared after seeing the face of the girl. However, when they came to know that their daughter was suffering from a rare disease, they took her to the doctors.

According to a report, this incident is from a city in South Africa. Where on August 30, in the small town of the Eastern Cape, a 20-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl at home with the help of a midwife. But as soon as the child was born, both the mother and the midwife were scared to see her. After this, when the family members saw him, they were also stunned. The girl’s hands were strange and wrinkles were visible all over her skin.

After this, when other members of the house saw the girl, they were also surprised. He immediately took the girl and the mother to the hospital. Where he came to know that his daughter had a rare disease called Presoria. By the way, it is also known by many other names apart from Prejoria. The age of the person suffering from this disease starts appearing many times more. However, now the girl and her mother have been sent home from the hospital.

It is also claimed that people suffering from this disease do not live long. Apart from this disease, this disease is also known as Benjamin Button condition, which is a very rare condition. In any child, it starts getting detected from the age of two years. In this type of syndrome, the child’s hair falls and at the same time their growth also stops and the chances of death of children are also hundred percent.

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