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7 Cost-Effective Book Marketing Services That Deliver Results

Marketing a book effectively can be challenging and costly, but authors generally agree that it’s necessary for success. To help, a list of useful Book Marketing Services has been compiled to introduce new and valuable options for authors. These sites could be worth exploring for those seeking cost-effective and successful book marketing strategies.

7 Cost-Effective Book Marketing Services

Below is a list of 7 book marketing services that are both affordable and deliver quality results:

  1. BookRaid
  2. LitNuts
  3. BargainBooksy
  4. TheFussyLibrarian
  5. BookBarbarian
  6. BookDoggy
  7. eBookFairs

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these services.


BookRaid is an email newsletter service that provides low pay-per-click rates to authors, capping the spending at $60. The service offers great cost-per-click rates, with an average of $0.11 per click in testing. You can submit your book to BookRaid by visiting their website and signing up. They don’t offer any revenue sharing, but they do provide a discount code for 20% off. Although it’s good value for the cost per click, there may not be a significant increase in book sales. However, it does provide more information about the performance of your book compared to other services.

Website: https://bookraid.com/p/partners/sign_up


Mike O’Mary, the co-founder of LitNuts, has created a platform that caters to independent authors. LitNuts boasts an active reader base and has a focus on independent authors, promoting the “best of the indies.” Rather than charging per click, the service charges a flat fee of $20 per book. This pricing model makes it worth a shot for any author without worrying about the number of clicks they receive. The platform offers more information for authors and publishers on its website.

Website: https://litnuts.com/pages/authors-and-publishers


BargainBooksy is a newsletter service that specializes in promoting books based on their genre. By targeting specific promotions to fit your book’s genre, you may see some sales. Although the cost of the promotion may not always be fully covered by the results, prices for their services range from $20-$90 and can offer good value. The various genres available for promotion can be found on their website.

Website: https://www.bargainbooksy.com/sell-more-books/


TheFussyLibrarian is a well-established email service provider for books, allowing authors to specify the genre of their work. It is budget-friendly, with campaign costs ranging from $9 to $20. With a high chance of returns and a proven track record, it is a safe option for authors. The service also enables multiple genre selections and suggests re-running campaigns when one genre proves successful.

Website: https://www.thefussylibrarian.com/newswire/for-authors/


BookBarbarian is a daily email service that matches books to readers’ interests. The average cost per promotion was $35, and results from the service were low due to limited visibility. To accurately measure its effectiveness, it is recommended to run it as the sole promotion for a couple of weeks. The pricing information can be found on the company’s website.

Website: https://bookbarbarian.com/ad-pricing/


BookDoggy is a newsletter service for authors that both the writer and the reference subscribed to. The service costs $20 per submitted book. The newsletters are easy to work with for authors and are sent out regularly, featuring 10 books per email. The effectiveness of the campaigns cannot be accurately determined as there is no reporting provided. Despite this, the service is well-known and considered to be reasonably priced.

Website: https://bookdoggy.com/for-authors


eBookFairs is a platform that provides an easy way to start and stop your account whenever you want, with the ability to conduct unlimited promotions. Paying annually at only $47 gives you access to all the fairs on the site, create fairs, and participates in monthly fairs that are sent to thousands of readers. The platform offers performance visibility, displaying the number of votes received for each fair entered on your author page, along with the advantage of low-cost marketing with fairs that get several thousand visitors. With over 12,000 subscribers to the newsletters, eBookFairs is rapidly growing.

Website: www.eBookFairs.com


In conclusion, there are several cost-effective book marketing services available for authors. While more expensive options like OpenRoadMedia and BookBub were not included, many other great services can help authors reach readers. The main goal is to connect authors with their audience, and the author community is encouraged to reach out with recommendations. The success of the authors is directly tied to the success of the organization.

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