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6 pieces of furniture that will mark the trend of 2023

2023 sees the emergence of furniture with character lines far from the standardized models of past years. Trendy furniture transports us in time, in space: revival of the 20s, the 70s, experimentation with new forms, more organic, less perfect… The furniture inside and outside affirm our desire to return to the sources without depriving themselves of elegance or fantasy. Discover these pieces of furniture that will mark the trend of 2023.

More delicate, more reassuring, trendy furniture in 2023 makes our interiors real cocoons that reflect our desires as well as our needs. And whether this furniture is inspired by the elegance of the Art Deco movement or whether it revives the very authentic spirit of ethnic craftsmanship, it reflects our search for meaning, values ​​and naturalness.

Art Deco style furniture

Art Deco turns 100 in 2023 and has never been so trendy. The furniture soars and refines. It borrows the lightness and elegance characteristic of the Decorative Arts. The wood darkens, the legs are gilded, the chests of drawers are dressed in marquetry. Style or art deco furniture fits easily into interiors. A brass-rimmed glass sideboard would add a note of refinement to a modern or vintage living room.

70’s trendy furniture

It’s the return of low and welcoming furniture, generous shapes, warm colors. The emblematic pieces of the designers of the time are reissued: we think of the Togo seat-cushions by Michel Ducaroy, the tam-tam stool by Eric Massonet, Pierre Paulin and his Pumpkin seats… Plexiglas is becoming trendy again, corduroy covers armchairs and sofas. The furniture in the colors of the seventies distills warmth and good humor in our interiors. To adopt the 70’s style there is no rule, as at the time, the idea is to be non-conformist. So it’s up to you to play.

Furniture with an ethnic spirit

Trendy furniture in 2023 seems to be enjoying a new lease of life coming straight from the African continent. Seats, coffee tables… pay homage to this craft. There, we find a lot of wood but also various natural fibers. Do you see a Senufo bed with its curved headrest? The carved seat Akan? Armchairs and sofas are dressed in wax fabrics. The furniture borrows neutral or very colorful tones, and also fits easily into our interiors, whether contemporary or retro inspired.

Modern craft furniture

Our quest for authenticity gives rise to furniture with more organic shapes, even imperfect, but always reassuring. The colors and materials remain natural. In reality, the trend is towards “craft” or rather modern craft. A revival of the Art & Craft movement that was born in England during the Industrial Revolution in the 1860s. Craftsmanship is once again at the center of creation. We want more responsible, sustainable furniture that tells us a story. With this in mind, why not entrust the realization of your partition or your sideboard to a cabinetmaker? You will be proud to have a unique piece that you can pass on later.

Caning enhances 2023 furniture

This weaving technique, made from rattan cane, is on the rise! Originally (in the 17th century) it was used to make the cheeks and seat cushions. In 2023 it gives birth to suspensions, dresses TV furniture, sideboards, in front or in whole. Designers do not hesitate to associate it with velvet, metal, furniture with contemporary lines and even make it take on colors. Check for collection at Homary! All in lightness, the caning brings character to our interiors.

Vintage furniture still in trend

The trend of vintage furniture has held firm for a few years now and since our ecological awareness is developing more, a form of craze is created for the second hand, the recovery. On a flea market or the Internet, it is easy to find an old sewing machine and transform it into a small desk or to keep only your foot to place your vanity top on; to dig up an old sideboard and fix it up: a little wood filler here, paint there and you’re done! With some imagination vintage furniture still has a long life ahead of it.

Trendy outdoor furniture in 2023

Indoor/outdoor same decor! Think of your patio or balcony as an extension of your living room. You will find tables, armchairs, deckchairs or sofas in all the styles mentioned above. But when you choose your garden furniture, just make sure it stands up to bad weather, if you can’t shelter it.

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