6 Best Masquerade Infiltration Missions In Video Games

In some situations, the main character must put down their weapon and put on a mask to sneak into masquerades. Here are some of the best ones.

When the main character has to go undercover in enemy territory, games sometimes use a more subtle method. They put down their favorite weapons, put on masks and fancy clothes, and enter a fun and mysterious masquerade.

Even though there is a goal to reach, most infiltration missions also give you the chance to enjoy the party, whether it’s tasting food or wine, dancing, dueling with other people, or playing a game of “guess who’s behind the mask.” Along with the exciting part of deception, these activities bring the missions to life and make them more fun and immersive.

Wicked Eyes And Wicked Hearts – Dragon Age: Inquisition

“Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” has high stakes because an assassin is trying to kill the Orlesian Empress. This makes it more than just a party where people drink, dance, and try to kill each other. With many possible outcomes that will affect the Inquisition, players must be careful when navigating the complicated politics of Orlesia.

“Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” is a great mission with a lot going for it. It involves solving a plot to kill someone, changing the future of Orlais, and even getting or losing court approval based on the words you use. Depending on who the Inquisitor brings with them as a companion, they might get some court approval right away or get to dance with their love interest at the end of a long night of politics.

A Matter Of Life And Death – The Witcher 3

Tensions are always high in Novigrad because witch hunters are still looking for people who use magic in the city. Those they don’t kill leave the city or go into hiding in the slums called The Bits, where the famous fire witch Triss lives.

Witch hunters are looking for noble Lady Ingrid’s son Albert, who became interested in alchemy and caught the attention of witch hunters. In The Witcher 3, Geralt and Triss use the masquerade ball as a distraction to get Albert to safety, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t join in on the fun. Geralt can run into people he knows, like Dijkstra, play in a Gwent tournament, explore the garden maze, or even start a romance between Triss and him.

Carnevale Di Venezia – Assassin’s Creed 2

Carnevale di Venezia, also called “Carnival of Venice,” is a famous historical holiday that is still celebrated today. It is known for the colorful and creative masks and costumes that Venetians wear. In Assassin’s Creed 2, Ezio stays in his assassin clothes even as he joins in the celebrations. The only thing that changes is that he wears a fancy golden mask that lets him in.

Marco Barbarigo, one of Ezio’s targets, is hosting the Carnevale, so Ezio goes undercover to kill him with his hidden gun. The fireworks distract the guests with their lights and colors, and the noise drowns out the sound of his gun. But before that, players have to win a golden mask by playing a series of carnival games. This mask will let them in. The games involve getting ribbons from women, playing “capture the flag” against another person, and doing a parkour course in a certain amount of time. These games are fun and keep with the playful nature of Carnevale, but they are also hard.

The Isle Of Sgai – Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is no different from other stealth games in that it has an infiltration mission. Agent 47, the main character of the series, has to sneak into a masquerade on a remote island for the sixth and final mission of the game. The Ark Society invites the most powerful people in the world. They go all out for the cult look with robes, rituals, and masks that let people stay anonymous and add to the mystery. Players have to figure out how to get into the masquerade and kill Zoe and Sophia Washington.

The masquerade takes place on several floors of a fancy castle that matches the social status of the hosts. Each floor is more exclusive than the one before it. To keep guards from becoming hostile and giving away their position in the party, players must level up their clothes. The player will have a few chances to talk to Zoe or Sophia, but it’s up to the player to decide which chance to take. Since some of the options will be locked on certain floors, players will need to make sure they look good enough to hang out with the higher-ups.

The Man from Cintra – The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine

The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt Red had a second masquerade mission, but it took place in the add-on Blood and Wine instead of the main game. In “The Man from Cintra,” one of the fun and exciting DLC missions, Geralt reluctantly puts on a mask and nice clothes for a night of spying and games. You can try absinthe, play a game of paint-throwing, and even talk to some mimes who are performing.

But soon, the fun ends when Geralt comes across a dead body and has to follow the trail to try to figure out what happened. “The Man from Cintra” has everything a player might need to keep them hooked and eager to play more: blood, murder on their hands, and fun party games.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party – Dishonored

“Lady Boyle’s Last Party” is probably the most well-known mission in Spacebar Clicker game. Every winter, the Boyles throw a themed masquerade for a few members of the aristocracy. These people overindulge in the finer things of life while the poor in Dunwall suffer. This makes Corvo’s job easier because it’s clear that they don’t care about the poor people in the city, and it’s about time they felt some pain for themselves.

Even though Corvo is a wanted criminal, he can go to the party in his signature mask without much trouble as long as he has an invitation. Most guests will comment on how good of a copy it is, showing how ignorant they are. Players can also sneak into the mansion without being seen by security. This gives players the freedom to choose how they want to get into the mansion. Once inside, Corvo needs to find out who the Boyle sisters are so he can kill the right one. He can do this in a number of ways, such as by talking to certain guests or offering them bribes. Even if you’ve done this mission a lot of times, you can still find something new and interesting to do because you have so many choices.

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