10 Best Open-World Games With Female Protagonists

When you’re in an open world, it’s always better to have a good main character.

Open-world games let you escape the real world, but there aren’t many games where you can play as a woman. That can be frustrating if you want a well-written female main character in an action-packed game genre. You can find these kinds of games, but in many of them, being a girl is not required.

There are main characters who are women in open-world games, and some of them are even genre-defining in a segment where men are the norm. Even though there aren’t many of them, these women don’t let you down. If you’re willing to spend hours and hundreds of miles traveling with these amazing women, they have great stories to tell.

Aloy – Horizon Forbidden West

You can’t think of open-world games without the Horizon series and Aloy, the main character who is known for being a strong woman. She’s a great character who has to take care of a lot of things. She is a great fighter and a great explorer with a strong sense of adventure. She also works to make sure that minority groups are included.

Even though the other people in her story didn’t treat her well for the first half, it’s hard not to like her. Some people think of her as a rebel, but she’s really just a humble person with a strong heart who won’t put up with rules and laws that are too strict.

Batgirl – Gotham Knights

Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl from Gotham Knights, works so much harder than the devil. She’s been through a lot of pain and (twice) losses that are hard to imagine, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a hero in Gotham City.

Even though she’s been through a lot of bad things, she still cares about how others feel, as shown by how she acts with other members of the Bat Family. She is also a woman with a lot of physical, technical, and social skills. You could say she is a “jack of all trades.”

Eivor – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is different when Eivor is a woman and when she is a man. This is because they are, in essence, two different Eivors. Even though you can choose Eivor’s gender, they are canonically female, as their name shows.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the reborn leader of the Aesir, the boss of the Norse gods. She is a strong fighter not just because she was once a god, but because she has trained for years and been through a lot. She can be a bit rash, but that’s not a problem because she always finds a way to get out of tight spots.

Kassandra – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, if you choose a different Eagle-Bearer, you’ll have a different ending, and going through it with Kassandra is the heroic way to do it. Since she is from Sparta, you can expect her to be a fierce warrior like the Spartans are said to be in the stories.

Even though she fights hard, she is kind and generous with the people she cares about. When you first meet her, she doesn’t look like she comes from much, but as you travel with her, you’ll learn about her interesting past and complicated family tree.

Lara Croft – Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Because of the Tomb Raider games, it’s hard to think of adventure games without Lara Croft. Rise of the Tomb Raider shows that the series is still going strong 20 years after the first Tomb Raider game, and it’s all because of Lara.

She is a famous figure who is known for her sense of adventure and huge curiosity. The way she has been portrayed over the years has been heavily criticized, but this version of Lara isn’t afraid to have a few stray hairs, just like anyone who has been hiking in the Siberian mountains for weeks.

Lightning – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 isn’t an easy game, but if you get to play as Lightning, it’s all worth it. She tends to be cold to other people and can be very independent. She is alone in the world, but her heart is strong and kind.

In Drive Mad game, she is stronger than she has ever been before, but she feels less than she did before. But in the end, she realizes that she’s been holding back her painful feelings. You can’t blame her—hard it’s to feel things when you’re trying to save souls and have more important things to do than cry over your losses.

V – Cyberpunk 2077

No matter what path you choose for V, her life will be full of color until the end. Even though she looks tough and careless, she wants to help the people around her. She isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes her such a great character.

She talks quickly and often says snarky things, but she’s not all bark and no bite, and you’ll know she’s as tough as she seems. Even though the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 is not a happy one, she makes sure that it is still exciting.

Yaga – Blacktail

Blacktail‘s world is fun to explore, and if you choose that path, you’ll find out where Baba Yaga came from. Even though she lost her sister and had to solve mysteries in a forest with talking mushrooms, Yaga is surprisingly brave for being a teenager.

She’s feisty and gifted, for sure, but she’s also just a character striving to find herself, which makes her relevant to everybody, even those who are well past their adolescent years.

2B – Nier: Automata

Even though she says machines don’t have feelings, 2B is proof that machines can have feelings and learn to value friendships. Everyone knows 2B for her black dress and killer dance moves, but she’s also a good person with a warm heart.

Even though she was made to kill, she has been through a lot worse than death for a long time. NieR: Automata isn’t a funny story, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that its main character is tough and strong.

The Witcher 3 – Ciri

A lot of people have heard about the legendary White Wolf from bards, but mostly from The Witcher games. Even though Ciri isn’t the main character in The Witcher 3, she is so important to the story and such a great character that we couldn’t leave her off this list. People often forget that Ciri can also be played as a character in some parts of the story. This gives you a new way to see The Witcher 3’s world.

Ciri is not only a new point of view in this series, but she is also a great character who can stand on her own. It would be unfair to only see her as the daughter of her famous adoptive parents. Even though she is overpowered, part of what makes her a great Witcher is that she is willing to find out who she is and what she has.

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